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NEA Pathways Project
NEA Pathways Project Seeking Leaders

NEA's Pathways Project seeks to provide leadership training opportunities to new and veteran members who identify as Hispanic, Latinx, Chicano, Native, Indigenous, American Indian, Black, Asian, Pacific/Islander, Native Alaskan and/or Native Hawaiian.

Application deadline is November 1, 2019. Learn more and apply by going to


posted October 8, 2019

In the wake of a Federal Appeals Court decision this summer overturning an injunction against their implementation, the White House is ordering agencies to enact a trio of Executive Orders that degrade workers rights and basic civil service protections, as well as unions' ability to represent their members.

Read FEA's full update on these harmful attacks here.

Speaking Out For Our Students!

FEA is speaking out against plans to divert military construction funding intended to repair or replace schools serving our students. Visit this page to view media coverage on the issue.

Overseas Bargaining Update #4

DoDEA continues to push hurtful provisions for Overseas Contract

posted September 24, 2019
Five members of FEA's Overseas bargaining unit have been in DC since early September, meeting face-to-face with DoDEA reps to bargain a new Overseas contract. Unfortunately, DoDEA continues to push for incredibly harmful provisions, despite our members explaining the harm that would be done to the learning environment and overall morale.
Read FEA's Overseas Bargaining Update #4 for more information


posted September 16, 2019
FEA-Stateside Region last week went before a neutral arbitrator to present its case that DoDEA illegally and unilaterally implemented an unsigned contract on the Stateside Certified bargaining unit.
Read the full update here

Lawmakers Express Concerns Over Stateside Unpaid Hours, Increase in PTR

posted September 16, 2019
A bi-partisan group of lawmakers last week expressed concerns to the DoDEA Director and his boss at the Pentagon over the Agency's requiring employees to work an additional 24 hours per quarter with no added pay and its decision to unnecessarily cut teaching positions, resulting in higher PTRs and reduced class offerings in some schools.
Go here for more details


posted August 14, 2019

FEA-Stateside has prevailed in a pair of improper dismissal cases affecting members at Fort Knox and Fort Jackson. In both cases, arbitrators ruled that DoDEA improperly dismissed employees over certification issues. The Agency was ordered to reinstate both employees, though without the backpay the Association argued was legally owed to them. Congratulations to the impacted educators who are now being reinstated, and also to FEA-Stateside General Counsel Angelia Stubbs, who handled both cases. As always, the Association stands up for members against wrongful acts by management!


Both the Senate and House Armed Services Committees have included language to extend RITA/WTA reimbursements to retiring/departing and incoming federal civilians being taxed on PCS moves. Find out what that means for the possibility of the tax relief being enacted here.


Nominations are now being accepted for the following offices on the FEA Board of Directors:
  • FEA Director for DDESS
  • FEA Pacific Area Director
  • FEA Europe Area Director
Nomination forms, election guidelines and other materials can be found at the FEA Election Information Page.

Nomination forms must be received by October 16, 2019. Ballots will be mailed to FEA members January 16, 2020, and must be received by March 24, 2020, to be counted.

Please consider nominating yourself or another FEA Active Member for office!

#August 2019 FEA Journal
August 2019 Journal Now Online

Stateside and Overseas contract updates; Threat to Due Process and Grievance rights; Area Director Election Info; Possible PCS tax relief. More inside.
Read the August FEA Journal in PDF format


posted June 24, 2019

FEA's Unfair Labor Practice over management's failure to develop a "Smart LES" to better explain pay, benefits, deductions, etc. was filed in a timely manner and can proceed, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled, overturning the NLRA's rejection of the ULP. See the full story here.

Stripes Article Highlights PTR Increases, Lack of Info From DoDEA

Read the June 24 story on the harmful impact of DoDEA's completely unnecessary increases to PTR at the middle and high school level and the lack of information from DoDEA headquarters about the cuts.
Planned course cuts, bigger classes at schools for military kids frustrate families, teachers


FEA-Stateside members are reminded to use the Association-provided tracking sheet to log the unpaid hours they were required to work this school year and submit the tracking sheets to FEA-SR, for use in the Association's upcoming arbitration. Read the full update and access the tracking form here.


NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia recorded this fantastic message of support and thanks to FEA members worldwide and reminds us that we are not alone in our fight against DoDEA and the federal government for better working and learning conditions. Visit this page (when you are off duty, off government property and not using government equipment) to voice your opposition to DoDEA's unilateral and illegal contract actions in Stateside schools and look for more opportunities to take action in the months ahead.

End of An Era

FEA Executive Director/General Counsel H.T. Nguyen Announces Plans to Retire End of 2019

Read H.T.'s statement to members here

DoDEA Releases Info on RITA/WTA for PCS Taxes

posted March 11, 2019
DoDEA has (FINALLY!) issued guidance to Overseas employees regarding the availability of and procedure to follow in order to claim Relocation Income Tax Allowance (RITA) and/or Withholding Tax Allowance (WTA) for taxes on applicable civilian PCS moves. Anyone who PCSed in 2018 is advised to visit DoDEA's Web site and carefully read the guidance from DoDEA (found at the bottom of the linked page) to make sure you take advantage of the resources available to you.
DoDEA Info on PCS and Tax Changes

DoDEA Withdraws Law Attacking Workers' Rights

In a victory for DoDEA employees and proponents everywhere of workers' rights, DoDEA has announced it is withdrawing a proposed law that would have stripped workers of rights and basis civil service protections under the guise of merging Stateside and Overseas schools into a single system. The law may be reintroduced in the future, however.

Read the full update from FEA on this issue here

Hatch Act Information

Visit this page to learn more about the Hatch Act and find examples of activities allowed and prohibited under the law.
Hatch Act Do's and Don'ts

FEA HCR Newsletter and other HCR Info

View the latest issue of The Advocate, the monthly newsletter of FEA's Human and Civil Rights Program, and find other resources by clicking here.

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