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The DODDS transfer round is now slated to begin on Tuesday, March 31. Applicants have until 5pm EDT on Friday, March 27, to amend their applications. Learn more, including how FEA members can take advantage of our application verification service, by going to FEA's Transfer Information Page.

Updated Vacancy List Posted

DoDEA has posted an updated version of the vacancy list for this spring's DODDS Transfer Program. You can view the list here.

Transfer Tips Now Online

FEA members can login here to view Connie Shanaghan's Tips for Transfers.

Note: The Transfer Tips are updated periodically as new questions/answers are added. Please check back regularly for new information.

#February 2015 FEA Journal
February FEA Journal Now Online

Accreditation changes, contract negotiations and the end of the DODDS salary freeze.
Read the February FEA Journal in PDF format

ESEA Reauthorization

IMPORTANT: The law (5 U.S. C 7211) give you the right to petition Congress on matters of concern to you (within the limits of the Hatch Act). With that in mind, do not click on, view or disseminate information from the link below, or engage in any activities promoted by the link below, while on government duty/time and/or property, or while using government equipment (computers, copiers, e-mail, etc.). Furthermore, do not send information on this topic to any government e-mail account, such as DoDEA Outlook mail.

Members of the House and Senate are focused on ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) reauthorization. It is the most serious effort to rewrite the law, better known as No Child Left Behind, since it passed in 2002. NEA views this reauthorization of ESEA as an opportunity to set a new vision of shared responsibility for a public education system that promotes opportunity, equity, and excellence for all students.

Learn more, including how you can tell Congress to make sure the new ESEA provides more opportunity for students to learn, by going to this site.

Background Checks

Posted January 30, 2015

This week, FEA and DoDEA management signed off on an MOU governing the implementation of background check investigations for bargaining unit members (that MOU can be found on the FEA Web site at this link). The background checks are a federal mandate being implemented by DoDEA.

Meanwhile, FEA has received numerous concerns about letters members have been sent by area office HR specialists requiring them to complete background checks. Please be aware that these forms and timelines are NOT the ones to which FEA agreed for these mandated background checks. In response to our concerns, the Acting HR Director at DoDEA HQ has given us the following guidance/clarification:

"…regarding teachers getting emails requesting they submit documents related to child care background investigations. Please tell them that we will be providing guidance to all teachers from Headquarters and that they need not complete the requests they are receiving until that guidance comes out."

FEA has worked very hard to lessen the impact of this mandate on our members. Please see the MOU posted on our website for details about what has been agreed to and we will send additional guidance out as soon as we receive it from DoDEA.

Note: the above information applies to DODDS only. FEA's Stateside Region has signed its own MOU with DDESS. That MOU can be read here.

Update on Stateside MLA Bargaining

The update, posted January 30, also addresses background checks and VSIP/VERA/RIF news. Read the update from the FEA Director for DDESS here.

NPR Highlights DOD Schools, Military Dependents

National Public Radio has been running a series of stories about military dependents, the issues they deal with, and the world in which they live. As we all know, military children are among the bravest, most resilient, and most amazing children anywhere. One of the NPR stories focused specifically on Department of Defense schools and the important role our schools play in supporting and nurturing these wonderful students. You can read or listen to the audio of that story by going to this site.

Other stories in the NPR series cover early education for military kids, public schools that have large military child populations, and helping military children who have lost a parent. You can find the entire series at this page.

Teaching Channel: Videos that Inspire Teaching

The Teaching Channel website offers a growing library of short videos to inspire K-12 teaching. These video lessons - in English language arts, math, science, and history/social sciences - include lesson objectives, questions to consider, homework ideas, and more.

Free registration provides access to:

See the Welcome to Teaching Channel video.

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