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This school year, FEA members will elect four of their peers to serve as at-large officers on the FEA Board of Directors. Learn more about the nomination and election process by visiting the FEA Election Information Page.

Latest News on OPM Data Breach/EQIP System

posted August 17, 2015

Read FEA's latest update on the OPM Data Breaches and EQIP restart.

OPM Data Breach

Over 20 million people are now believed to be impacted by the OPM data breach first revealed last spring.

You can read the latest information from OPM about the breach by going to that agency's information page.

FEA members are urged to read the Association's June 19, 2015, update for information on services and options available to federal employees who may be affected by the data breach.

#August 2015 FEA Journal
August FEA Journal Now Online

OPM Data Breach, FEA Elections, Update on Salary Freeze Lawsuit Win and more.
Read the August FEA Journal in PDF format


from the April 21 FEA President's Report

FEA met with representatives of DoDEA and the DOD Wage Setting Authority last week to review and finalize the data used to compute DODDS salary schedules for the current school year. As a result, we are happy to announce that, for the first time since school year 2010-2011, DODDS will implement the new salary schedule as required by law and salaries will be increased.

The specific rate of increase for each lane and step on the salary schedules will vary, but here are the overall average rates of increase (compared to the SY 10-11 schedules everyone has been paid under during the salary freeze) for each position:
Classroom teachers -- 3.0%
Guidance counselors -- 3.2%
School psychologists -- 2.6%
Speech/Language Pathologists -- 3.6%
(please remember: these are overall average rates of increase. The percentage of increase for your specific step and lane of the schedule may be higher or lower.)

The full SY 2014-2015 DODDS salary schedules have now been posted on the FEA Web site.

For more info on the pay raise and an update on FEA's lawsuit over the illegal freezing of DODDS salaries, read the full April 21 FEA President's Report.

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