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As reported previously, the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP), at management's request, agreed last month to assert jurisdiction over negotiation of a new contract for DoDEA Stateside schools. FEA Stateside and DoDEA representatives will meet on October 23 in an informal hearing, where both sides will present their information to the FSIP panel member, to see if the two sides can come to agreement. Should that not occur, a hearing will commence at which both sides will present evidence and testimony to the FSIP member, who will then make a recommendation to the full FSIP concerning how disputed sections of the Stateside contract should be settled. The FSIP, made up entirely of Trump administration appointees, will then make a ruling, imposing the contract language it sees fit. It is uncertain how long the entire process will take to play out.

Read the original update from FEA about this contract threat here

Management Seeks FSIP Involvement In Overseas Contract Ground Rules

posted October 3, 2018

DoDEA this week informed FEA that it has asked the FSIP to also assert jurisdiction over the negotiation of ground rules that will govern the bargaining of a new contract for educators in FEA's Overseas bargaining unit. FEA will soon file our response, asserting our reasons why the two sides are not at impasse and why the FSIP should not take jurisdiction. The FSIP will then decide whether to take jurisdiction over the ground rules negotiations. If it does, a process similar to that described above for the negotiation of the Stateside contract would begin. The timeframe for the entire process is uncertain.

Government Appeals Executive Order Ruling

posted October 3, 2018

The federal government recently filed an appeal of a judge's decision that struck down most parts of three anti-worker, anti-union Executive Orders issued earlier this year by the Trump White House. Those Executive Orders seek to limit union representation and bargaining rights and to make it easier to fire federal employees. In August, a federal judge ruled most provisions of the Executive Orders to be improper because they infringed upon existing labor laws passed by Congress. The government's appeal of the ruling is not a surprise and the outcome of this appeal is likely to eventually head to the Supreme Court. This appeals process is expected to carry over into 2019.

Get details about the judge's ruling here



FEA wants your feedback on the recent training and implementation of new ELA materials in DoDEA elementary schools worldwide.

Please use the link below to complete our brief (less than 5 minutes) survey.

We'll be sharing the data we collect with DoDEA management. Of course, getting DoDEA to actually USE input from educators is a whole lot harder, but we'll keep pressing them to do so!

Click here to access FEA's survey on ELA issues


A recent online survey of FEA members revealed that, by a huge margin, Association members feel that DoDEA as a whole is heading in the wrong direction. See the survey results here.

FEA President's Welcome Message

"The work you will do this year with students is so valuable and so very, very important."

Please take a moment to view FEA President Chuck McCarter's greeting to new and returning employees for the 2018-19 school year.

FEA Election Information

FEA members will elect four at-large officers this school year: President, Vice President, NEA Director for Federal, and FEA Human & Civil Rights Coordinator. To learn more, including how to nominate yourself or another FEA Active member, go to the FEA Election Information Page.
The deadline for receipt of nomination forms is October 16, 2018.

#August 2018 FEA Journal
August 2018 Journal Now Online

DoDEA working to have FSIP impose harmful contracts on Stateside, Overseas schools; FEA At-Large Officer nominations; anti-worker proposals omitted from NDAA; more inside.
Read the August FEA Journal in PDF format


Even as we absorb the upsetting news that management wants to use the FSIP to impose negative contracts upon DoDEA employees this school year, we do have some positive news to report. Congress has finalized the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act and decided to not include requested language from DoDEA management that would have permanently gutted employees' bargaining rights and due process protections. That decision, however, in no way lessens the threat from the FSIP if DoDEA cannot be dissuaded from its strategy.

FEA Stateside Wins Academic Credits Case

posted July 23, 2018
FEA-Stateside has won an arbitration award granting back pay and salary adjustments to employees who have been improperly denied compensation for some academic credits. Learn more here.

Senators Propose Legislation to Reimburse More Feds for Taxes on Moving Assistance

posted July 19, 2018
A bipartisan group of five Senators this week introduced legislation that would allow the government to reimburse incoming and departing federal civilian employees for taxes assessed to them on moving allowances and assistance. FEA/NEA are among employee groups who have been urging lawmakers to rectify this situation, created by last year's tax changes.

Learn more about the proposed legislation to fix this tax burden

GSA Issues Guidance on Taxes Affecting Moving Costs/Allowances

The guidance states employees being relocated for the benefit of the government (which would include those moving due to transfers or excess reassignments) are eligible for reimbursement of "substantially all" taxes on relocation assistance they get from the government. Taxes remain a huge burden, however, for those separating from or coming into DoDEA. Read FEA's update on the issue


DoDEA students will lose upwards of a week of classroom learning time each school year under management's plan to eliminate subs during BAS testing.

Read FEA's press release and fact sheet on the BAS issue to learn more.

Hatch Act Information

Visit this page to learn more about the Hatch Act and find examples of activities allowed and prohibited under the law.
Hatch Act Do's and Don'ts

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IMPORTANT -- Do not download or forward this information while on government time or while using government equipment. Also, do not forward this information to any government email account, such as DoDEA Outlook mail.
Under guidance from the FEA Board of Directors, FEA Europe General Counsel/UniServ Bill Freeman has developed a letter writing campaign, aimed at bringing the numerous pay and collection issues DoDEA employees face to the attention of Congress and Pentagon leaders. Please use the link below to access information from Bill Freeman and share your stories/concerns with the decision makers suggested by Bill. Please avoid doing so, however, while on government property, while using government owned computer equipment, or while on government time.

Click here to learn more about writing decision makers in an effort to raise awareness of pay problems

Teaching Channel: Videos that Inspire Teaching

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