Why Closing DOD Schools Is A Bad Idea



Decades of poor decisions in Washington have led to the current budget situation. Now, politicians want to pass the buck onto military families and local communities. Tell them NO! Write to Congress today!!


  • As part of budget cutting measures, Congress is considering the closure of Department of Defense schools on military bases within the U.S.
  • Local school districts surrounding the bases currently containing D.O.D. schools would become responsible for educating the on-base students.
  • The local school districts would receive federal Impact Aid funding to compensate them for taking on these students.

Why It's A Bad Idea for Local Communities:

  • Impact Aid never has been and never will be adequate to cover the per-pupil costs of educating students. School districts will see their budgets grow even tighter if they are forced to take on more military dependents.
  • As inadequate as Impact Aid is currently, further cuts to Impact Aid now being considered will make the available funding even less helpful to local school districts.
  • Local communities already proudly support military families who live outside their nearby bases. Asking those communities to cover more of the costs of supporting military families amounts to the U.S. government shirking its responsibilities.

Why It's a Bad Idea for the Military:

  • D.O.D. schools provide shorter, safer commutes for military dependents living on base.
  • D.O.D. schools have been repeatedly recognized for their quality of education and for being equipped to meet the unique needs of military dependents.
  • D.O.D. schools enjoy high approval ratings from military parents and have been cited in surveys as an important quality-of-life issue. Many service members have cited access to D.O.D. schools as a reason they and their families remain in the military.

Why It's a Bad Idea for Students:

  • Larger class sizes hurt student learning.
  • Bigger school populations mean fewer opportunities to make athletic teams and participate in extracurricular clubs/activities.
  • Increased enrollments in local schools may result in redistricting, meaning students may need to attend schools further from home and with longer commutes.

Why It's a Bad Idea for Taxpayers:

  • Closing D.O.D. schools amounts to shifting the financial burden from the federal government to state/local governments; little money would actually be saved without making major cuts to educational quality.
  • Promises of special supplemental funding to local communities for taking on these additional students are a smokescreen. The funds will dry up within a few years, leaving local communities to foot the bill.
  • The history of Impact Aid, which has not been fully funded by Congress since the early 1970s and faces further cuts now, is a perfect example of the inadequate federal assistance communities can expect to receive.
  • If forced to take responsibility for on-base students, local schools will become more crowded and state/local resources will be spread even thinner. The eventual result will be higher state/local taxation to cover the costs of expanding/maintaining current schools and/or building new schools.

Closing D.O.D. Schools is bad for students, bad for taxpayers, bad for the military and bad for the local communities that would be required to assume responsibility for additional students.

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