Kids Over Cuts!

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Tell Congress:

Closing DDESS Schools Is Bad for Everyone


Among the ideas being considered to slash federal spending is closing some or all of the schools in DDESS (Defense Dependents Elementary and Secondary Schools) and transferring responsibility for educating approximately 27,000 DDESS students to the local public schools near each base.

Doing so will not only end one of the most successful school systems in America, it will add to the burdens on local public schools that already struggle due to inadequate federal Impact Aid funding and decreases in state/local education funding.

Politicians need to be told loud and clear: "DO NOT CLOSE DDESS SCHOOLS AND ADD TO THE BURDENS ON LOCAL COMMUNITIES!!"

Write to Congress right now!

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Local Public Schools Near the Following Facilities Would be Affected if DDESS Schools Are Closed

  • Alabama - Fort Rucker, Maxwell Air Force Base
  • Georgia - Fort Benning, Fort Stewart
  • Kentucky - Fort Knox, Fort Campbell
  • New York - West Point
  • North Carolina - Camp Lejeune, Fort Bragg
  • South Carolina - Fort Jackson, Laurel Bay (MCAS Beaufort)
  • Virginia - MCB Quantico, NSWC Dahlgren
  • Tennessee - Fort Campbell
Guam is not expected to be threatened by these possible cuts