FEA Celebrates Read Across America

Read Across America Grant Opportunity

Deadline to Apply is Sunday, November 8, 2020

FEA is applying to NEA for grant money to help fund Read Across America events for our members worldwide on NEA's Read Across America Day (Tuesday, March 2, 2021). To bolster our grant application, we need specific projects from local associations who would like to request grant money.

If you, as an individual FEA member, or your local association have an idea for a great Read Across America event and you need help with funding your event idea, please go to FEA RAA Grant Application Form to complete FEA's online grant application.

The maximum amount you may apply for is $1,500. Submissions that exceed the $1,500 maximum amount, are received after the November 8 deadline or are not submitted by completing this online form will be rejected.

In keeping with NEA's theme for the 2021 reading celebration, Read Across America events and/or activities seeking grant funds must incorporate the theme of "Celebrating a Nation of Diverse Readers." Emphasis should be placed on diverse books from diverse authors that will appeal to an increasingly diverse student population.

Additionally, due to the current pandemic situation, applicants are encouraged to incorporate virtual events and ideas for ensuring social distancing/adequate safety precautions in any events/activities they hold.

When completing the online application, you will be asked to provide a description of the event you'd like to hold -- including the numbers of students, Association members and members of the community you expect to participate in the event -- and an explanation of how much funding you are seeking and how the money will be spent.

Local FEA affiliates are encouraged to partner with organizations in their communities, such as your school's PTO/PTA, on their Read Across America projects. Grant funds will be disbursed only to Local Associations, your school PTO/PTA or some other group you are partnering with. Grant funds will not be made payable to individual members.

Regardless whether you intend to seek grant funds, you can find information on planning a Read Across America celebration at You can also have a Read Across America Resources Calendar sent to you by going to or view a digital version of the calendar at

The number of Read Across America projects we'll be able to fund and the amount we're able to send to locals selected to receive funds will depend upon whether we are awarded any grant funds by NEA and how much we receive. Priority will be given to locals who did not receive funding from previous years' grants, though anyone interested is encouraged to apply.

In order to help us maximize the number of Read Across America projects potentially receiving funds, the maximum amount for any grant request is $1,500, though there is no guarantee FEA will be able to fund your request in full or even partially.

Please submit your funding request by November 8, 2020, by going to FEA's RAA Grant Application Form.