FEA Celebrates Read Across America

Here are some links to articles and other items about FEA members celebrating Read Across America this year:

Camp Lejeune

West Point Elementary School Celebrates RAA in a BIG Way
West Point Elementary School in West Point, NY, celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday during NEA's Read Across America week across grade levels and curricula. A lot of kindergarteners played literacy games focused on rhyming. Many first grade students made oobleck after reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck. This lesson then became a science unit on matter. Several second graders wrote and illustrated their own Seussy rhymes on Cat in the Hat shaped paper. Numerous third grade students wrote acrostic poems using Dr. Seuss book titles as vocabulary prompts. Dictionaries, thesauruses, and every kind of reference book known to childkind was searched. Lots of fourth graders wrote persuasive paragraphs recommending their favorite Dr. Seuss book. Kids danced to a song called "Green Eggs and Ham" in PE not too long before they enjoyed a specially prepared lunch selection of, that's right, Green Eggs and Ham! Staff and students alike wore red and white on a singular day and even some visiting parents did the same when they came to school to read a Dr. Seuss book to their student's class. At least 50 mini-posters of the good doctor's many book titles decorated the hallways of our school. Students who receive Spanish instruction enjoyed hearing The Cat in the Hat read in Spanish. Still, one more event was yet to happen. On Friday, 3/6, our Mystery Guest Reader was none other than the Cat in the Hat. Okay, it was really our own principal, Ms. Shawne Cryderman who read, Oh, the Places You'll Go to a thrilled audience of about 350 students. So you see, can it be… even in absentia, Dr. Seuss is alive and well at WPES.
Respectfully Submitted By:
Elyse M. Komitzsky
Reading Improvement Specialist
West Point Elementary School
March 13, 2009

Bamberg Elementary School
At Bamberg ES, we had "Kid in a Hat" day. Students wore hats from home and hats made in class. We started the day with an assembly called, "The Cat's Meow Show." One military parent, one teacher, one group of children from every grade level, and the Cat in the Hat competed to answer questions about famous books. Of course, that silly cat thought every answer had to do the book that he is in, so his score wasn't very good. He did gets lots of laughs and enthusiastic clapping. Our parent came up with some very funny answers but not always the correct book. The teacher and students battled it out to see who could come out on top. The audience, all dressed in a variety of hats, were ready to call out the answers to their favorite books. In the end, PTA declared everyone a winner and gave out Dr. Seuss pencils and eraser tops as prizes. Students returned their classrooms for a variety of reading celebrations.