The SY 18-19 Overseas Salary Schedules can be found here (member login is required)

posted April 11, 2019

Average salary increases this year for Overseas DoDEA employees are significantly higher than in recent years, according to data reviewed and finalized this week by FEA and DoDEA. As a result, the amount to be paid (pre-tax and other withholdings) to Overseas bargaining unit members this spring in the form of the annual retroactive salary adjustment won for them by the Association should be near or above $1,000 for most full-time employees. For many, the amount will exceed $2,000.

Please remember that those amounts cited are PRE-tax and other withholdings, so the actual amount you take home will depend upon your tax bracket and other payroll settings.

The AVERAGE percentages of increase for the Overseas salary schedules in SY 18-19 are as follows:

  • Classroom Teachers: 2.80%
  • Guidance Counselors: 2.89%
  • School Psychologists: 2.85%
  • Speech Pathologists: 3.18%

Again, we emphasize that those are AVERAGE percentages of increase per position; the actual percentage for a specific pay lane and step number could be higher or lower.

All of those average percentages of increase are significantly higher than those received a year ago. For example, classroom teachers received just a 2.03% average increase for SY 17-18 and school psychologists got only 1.55%. The average percent of increase for overseas members this year is the largest they've received since the 2007-2008 school year.

The higher average increases this year are due in part to collective actions by teachers in many parts of the country who successfully demanded improved pay from their city and state education systems.

By law, salaries for DoDEA's overseas employees are based on the average compensation for employees in school districts throughout the U.S. serving urban areas of at least 100,000 people. There were 267 such districts as of the 2010 census. Each year, the Wage and Salary Division of DOD's Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS) collects salary information from these urban districts and presents it to FEA and DODEA for review. FEA reviews the data, submits questions and corrections when necessary, and then meets with representatives of DCPAS and DoDEA each spring to finalize the data. That meeting took place this week.

The complexity of collecting and analyzing data from 267 districts each year is the reason why the Overseas salary figures for DoDEA are typically not finalized until late in any given school year: it takes most of the school year just to collect and finalize the data in order to make sure the most recent and accurate data possible is utilized.

Collective action in several urban locations this school year resulted in those locals' salaries being increased, thus making it even more challenging to be sure the most current information was included in this year's Overseas salary computation. FEA is very grateful to NEA for providing us with salary data from many of these urban locals and also to the staff at DCPAS for their patience in working with us to ensure the most current figures available were used to determine the SY 18-19 salary schedules.

Sometime later this spring, Overseas bargaining unit members will receive the retroactive pay adjustment owed to them in order to make sure they are receiving all the salary they are due for the current school year. FEA won this retro pay adjustment for our members years ago as the result of successful litigation (March v. United States, 506 F.2d 1306). Prior to that win, Overseas employees' pay was always one year behind where it should have been because DoDEA would delay implementing the true salary amount for a given school year until the beginning of the subsequent school year. Overseas employees are still paid on the prior year's salary schedule during most of the school year, but the retroactive pay adjustment won by the Association makes sure that employees receive the full amount owed to them in any given school year.

The SY 18-19 Overseas Salary Schedules can be found here (member login is required) .