posted May 20, 2020

Contradicting the information they had provided to the Association previously, DoDEA is now informing us the retroactive pay adjustment due to Overseas bargaining unit members is now expected to be included in their June 12 pay.

We had previously been told by DoDEA staff the retro pay would be included with the May 29 payroll.

This week, however, we were notified that DoDEA HR would not be able to process the adjustments until early June because CHRA has yet to bring all salary schedules current in its system. CHRA, we are now told, plans to update those salary figures on or around May 28, after which DoDEA HR will be able to process the adjustments.

We realize this is a disappointment to our Overseas members who were expecting those funds on May 29 and FEA continue to seek updates from DoDEA on the status of these pay adjustments.