Resources for Pay Problems

The information below was developed by FEA Europe UniServ Attorney Bill Freeman. Members in Stateside schools experiencing pay problems should consult with their UniServ attorney, via their local Association representatives, to determine the best course of action to follow.
  • DoDDS Pay Problem Package
    includes sample grievance forms and other legal materials to help those facing pay problems. Right click to download.
  • Letter Writing Campaign
    IMPORTANT -- Do not download or forward this information while on government time or while using government equipment. Also, do not forward this information to any government email account, such as DoDEA Outlook mail.
    Under guidance from the FEA Board of Directors, FEA Europe General Counsel/UniServ Bill Freeman has developed a letter writing campaign, aimed at bringing the numerous pay and collection issues DoDEA employees face to the attention of Congress and Pentagon leaders. Please use the link above to access information from Bill Freeman and share your stories/concerns with the decision makers suggested by Bill. Please avoid doing so, however, while on government property, while using government owned computer equipment, or while on government time.