posted May 9, 2020

DoDEA has informed us that Overseas employees will receive on May 29 the retroactive salary adjustment won for you by the Association under the March Case, along with your regular pay (which should now be computed based on your SY 19-20 salary amount - details here). We are grateful to DoDEA and to DFAS for getting that retroactive pay adjustment processed quickly, following the finalization of the SY 19-20 salary schedules in late April.

Because of the law governing Overseas salaries, those salary schedules are generally not calculated and available for implementation until late in the school year. As a result, Overseas employees always spend most of any given school year being paid on the previous year's salary figures while they await completion of the current year's salary survey, conducted by the DoD Wage & Salary Division with input from FEA and DODEA.

The retroactive pay adjustment serves to make Overseas employees whole for the current school year by paying the different between the amount they've actually been paid in a school year and the amount they should have been paid, had the current salary schedule been available for implementation at the start of the school year.

For years, DoDEA would not pay Overseas employees on the newly calculated salary schedules until the start of the following school year, meaning Overseas employees were always being paid one year behind their true salary figures. Through a court case, FEA won the retro pay adjustment for the Overseas employees to ensure those employees are credited the full pay owed to them within any given school year.

Overseas employees should be sure to check for their retro pay adjustment on their May 29 LES.