How Do I Login to FEA Passport?

You do not have to Login to FEA Passport until your computer prompts you to do so.

Logging in to FEA Passport is simple. Using the links in the right margin, click on any subject you are interested in. The first time you attempt to access a members-only page, you will be asked for your Individual ID Number and your Passcode.

Your Individual ID Number is your FEA/NEA Membership ID Number. This can be found on the FEA/NEA membership card you receive at the start of the school year or once your new membership has been processed. Your ID number is also printed on the address labels of the FEA Journal and NEA Today when they are sent to you. Your ID number should have 10 digits. If it has less than 10 digits, add one or more zeros to the front of your number to bring the total number of digits you type in to 10.

Your Passcode is simply your last name, exactly as it appears on your membership card and the address labels of publications sent to you. Be sure to type your last name in ALL CAPS.

If you have difficulty accessing any item within the FEA Passport section, please let us know.