When Can DoDDS Teachers Make Their Own Travel Arrangements?

From HT, Executive Director and General Counsel

The issue of whether and/or when DoDDS teachers can make their own travel arrangements (for RAT, PCS, Temporary Change of Station (TCS), Separation Travel or travel in general) depends on the language contained in their travel orders. Please review carefully the language in block #28 of your travel order (Form 1614) to determine whether you can make your own travel arrangements.

Please verify, under block #28, that the employee is authorized to make his/her own travel arrangements for the specific type of travel which the employee will exercise. Do not assume that you are authorized to make your own travel arrangements on every type of travel. Do not make your own travel arrangements unless and until you have checked block #28 of your travel order. Then you should contact your local CTO/TMO to determine what the constructive cost estimate for such travel would be.