posted September 3, 2020

Once again, the school year is beginning with a batch of pay problems being reported by members in the Overseas bargaining unit -- as if DoDEA employees don't have enough to be concerned about this school year! As a result, FEA is urging all Overseas members to carefully review your LESs issued since August 1 and be on the lookout for errors/problems.

Multiple problems have been reported to us by Overseas members since the school year began:
- Some members report that their LES shows no deductions being withheld for the FEGLI, dental or health insurance premiums
- Other educators report their pay is incorrect, or that they have received no pay at all so far this school year
- Still others report the daily rate on their most recent LES had changed, even though their pay remained the same

There may be additional pay issues that have not yet been reported to us.

As a reminder: the 1st pay period this school year for those on 22 pay periods was the week that ended on 08/29/2020; the 1st pay period for those on 26 pay periods was the week that ended on 08/15/2020.


FEA recommends that all members carefully review their LESs going back to at least August 1 of this year. Look for changes or omissions such as those described above.

IF YOU NOTICE ANY PAY ISSUE, you should immediately file a pay inquiry. Your FRS/Building Representative can advise you on how to do so.


After carefully reviewing each LES, you should be sure to store them in an envelope or folder. Do so for every LES you receive this year, going back to August 1, even if you do not find any problems on your LES. Doing so will ensure you have easy access to the LESs if you need to review them again later in the year for any other pay issues that arise.

In addition, FEA urges members to utilize the pay organizers available at this page. They will help you compare your pay across multiple dates, which can make it easier to spot errors.

Please be vigilant in checking your LES each period and immediately filing an inquiry about any potential issues you spot.

FEA will provide additional updates regarding this issue as more information becomes available.