Overseas Members: Vote Now on DoDEA's Proposed Tentative Agreement

posted October 13, 2020

FEA Active Members in Europe, Cuba and the Pacific may now cast their vote on whether to approve or reject DoDEA's proposed tentative agreement for the FEA Overseas bargaining unit.

An email containing a link to the official ballot has been sent to Active members in FEA's Overseas bargaining unit. Use the link in that email message to access the ballot and cast your vote prior to the deadline at 11:59pm ET on Sunday, October 18.

To read the full text of DoDEA's proposal as well as FEA's analysis of the major changes that would be enacted if the proposal is accepted and implemented, go to FEA's Overseas Contract Information Page.

If you are an FEA Active member in Europe, Cuba or the Pacific and you did not receive the email from Federal Education Association (coming from email address, inviting you to vote on DoDEA's proposed tentative agreement, please check your Spam/Junk/Unread email folders to be sure the message was not routed there. If you are unable to find the invite message anywhere in your email account, send a message with your name, school and personal email address to FEA staffer Gary Hritz to report the problem.