posted October 17, 2020

The deadline for FEA Active members in Cuba, Europe and the Pacific to vote on DoDEA's proposed tentative agreement is 11:59pm ET Sunday, October 18. If you have not yet voted, please do so now!

To learn more about DoDEA's proposed tentative agreement prior to casting your vote, please go to FEA's Overseas Contract Information Page.

To decrease the chance of voting notices being blocked by your email provider, please be sure to add "Federal Education Association" and "" to your list of approved senders in your email account.

If you do not see the voting invite or a reminder message from Federal Education Association in your Inbox, please check your SPAM folder and other folders where your mail system may reroute messages it considers suspicious (in Gmail check the ALL MAIL folder, in Yahoo check the UNREAD folder, in Hotmail check the JUNK folder, etc).

If, after taking the steps above, you still cannot find the voting invite, please send a message to FEA staffer Gary Hritz

Be sure to include the following information in your message:
  1. Your full name and, if you know it, your FEA Membership ID number (don't worry if you don't know it)
  2. The school where you are a member (remember, only ACTIVE members who work in the FEA Overseas bargaining unit can vote)
  3. The email address to which you want the voting notice sent (it must be a personal, non DoDEA email address). Include confirmation you have already checked all folders for our message about the ballot and have added us to your approved email senders list, as indicated above
  4. If you are a new member who has just joined this year, or if you moved from a different DoDEA school to your present one, please say so in your message

Remember, the voting deadline is 11:59pm Sunday (Eastern Time). Please don't wait until the last minute. VOTE NOW!