How Will the Vote on DoDEA's Proposed Overseas Tentative Agreement Work?

The ground rules imposed on the Overseas contract bargaining allow a very short time to conduct a vote on a tentative contract proposal. Therefore, we will conduct the vote electronically, using an online voting service that specializes in these types of elections.

Overseas members will receive an invitation to vote via email, sent to the personal (non DoDEA) email address FEA has on file for you in our membership files.

The invite to vote, which will include a link to the official ballot, is expected to be sent to Pacific and Europe Active members Wednesday, October 14, and voting will remain open through Sunday, October 18.

That email will invite Active members from Europe and the Pacific to vote on DoDEA's proposed tentative agreement for the Overseas unit. Members may vote "YES" if they wish to accept DoDEA's proposal or "NO" if they wish to reject it. The voting system allows for secret balloting and meets legal requirements for such contract votes.

The email members receive will be from "Federal Education Association", though the email address of the sender will be "". is the company whose voting software we are using.

Overseas members are encouraged to add to the approved mail list on your personal email accounts, in order to decrease the chances of the election notice being rejected.

Members are encouraged to go to to read FEA's breakdown of the changes that would be implemented if DoDEA's proposed tentative agreement was approved and implemented on the Overseas bargaining unit. You can also read the full text of DoDEA's contract proposal by going to that page on the FEA site.

When members vote on DoDEA's proposed tentative Overseas agreement, you will have the choice to either vote to accept the agreement, or to reject the agreement. Under the ground rules, if the members elect to accept the agreement, it would go through the process to finalize the agreement. On the other hand, if members vote to reject the agreement, the ground rules state that the parties would return to the bargaining table to engage in 30 days of negotiations.

FEA will send out separate notices via email and social media so Overseas members are aware when the election invite has been sent to them via (remember, the "from" line on the message will say Federal Education Association but the URL the message comes from will be Please add and Federal Education Association to your approved list now to hopefully avoid problems receiving the voting invite.