Details on DoDEA's Proposed Overseas Contract

posted October 8, 2020

As announced earlier this week, DoDEA has issued its proposal for a tentative agreement to replace the existing Negotiated Agreement between FEA and management, covering our Overseas bargaining unit.

DoDEA's full proposed agreement can be read here.

FEA has prepared a summation of some of the most significant changes that would be enacted if DoDEA's tentative agreement was enacted in the Overseas unit. The document highlights harmful proposed changes to things such as pay, the work day, LQA, and adverse actions against employees, among other topics.

That summary of major changes found in DoDEA's proposed tentative agreement can be found here.

FEA members will vote on DoDEA's proposed successor contract for the Overseas unit next week. Details on the vote will be sent to members in the days ahead. Please continue to watch for that information and plan to vote via electronic balloting next week.