Overseas Contract Bargaining Gets Underway

posted June 17, 2019

Today (June 17), FEA and DoDEA begin face-to-face bargaining toward a new Overseas Negotiated Agreement.

The process will be difficult, as the two sides have proposed very different working conditions for Overseas employees. FEA seeks to maintain existing rights and improve working and learning conditions wherever possible; DoDEA wants only to harm its employees and make working and learning conditions as negative as possible (though we cannot imagine how they can possibly think doing so will improve our schools in any way, whatsoever).

The bargaining of this contract is made especially difficult by the anti-worker actions of both DoDEA management and the various White-House-appointed bodies that are supposed to serve as neutral intermediaries between management and labor. Their bias in favor of management is overwhelming and, by now, clearly documented in numerous harmful decisions against federal employees, including our own members in the FEA Stateside Region.

FEA will do its utmost to negotiate a quality contract for our Overseas members. We encourage members to visit our Overseas Contract info page to read the complete bargaining proposals put forth earlier this year by FEA and DoDEA, as well as the releases we have put out summarizing the many harmful proposals made by management (read that release here) and the appointment of our Overseas bargaining team members.

The very fact that DoDEA management has insisted bargaining must begin over the summer, when our bargaining team members are not on duty and therefore unable to participate -- a blatant violation of the existing Negotiated Agreement and a situation FEA is seeking to redress through the grievance process -- is indicative of the harmful, anti-worker and anti-labor tactics DoDEA and the White House are now exhibiting and which the "neutral" bodies meant to level the playing field are allowing to occur.

FEA will update its members throughout the bargaining process. The bargaining ground rules imposed by the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP) say this initial round of bargaining is to last six weeks, followed later this year by virtual bargaining that will include the educators serving on FEA's bargaining team. (learn who those individuals are at this page.)

If FEA and DoDEA agree to sign off on a draft of a new Overseas contract, our Overseas members will be asked to vote on that proposed contract to determine whether it should be ratified by the members. FEA will inform members via e-mail if such a vote is to occur and explain how to vote.

All members are encouraged to contact the FEA Washington DC office ( if they are not receiving updates from us at their personal e-mail address, or to go to this summer to update your account information or sign up for an account. Doing so will help ensure FEA has the most accurate contact information for you.

Look for more updates on the bargaining process as it continues.