No Salary Freezes in 2019

posted February 22, 2019


FEA worked with NEA to make sure legislation recently passed by Congress and signed by the President would negate any possibility of a pay freeze for FEA members this year.

The legislation funded the government through the remainder of the fiscal year and ended the threat of another partial government shutdown. An Executive Order previously issued by the White House would have imposed a freeze on federal employees' pay for 2019, threatening raises for both Stateside and Overseas members. FEA, working through NEA's Government Relations office, made certain lawmakers had the information necessary to include language in that legislation exempting our members from that Executive Order, along with other federal employees.

As a result, salaries for Stateside will be increased at the start of SY 2019-2020 and Overseas educators this spring will receive the retroactive pay adjustment FEA won for them along with their new salary scale based on SY 18-19 data.