Members should track their pay carefully throughout SY

posted September 25, 2020

DoDEA has determined the frequent pay problems affecting Overseas employees are apparently being caused by a coding issue, and it appears unlikely the problem will be resolved anytime soon.

FEA has now filed a pair of Association Grievances over this issue -- one last school year and one this year -- and we will continue to press management for a permanent fix to this situation.

This is a massive failure of DoDEA. Paying employees correctly is a basic function of any organization. Overseas employees first began having these pay problems at the start of School Year 19-20 and FEA has been urging DoDEA to fix the situation ever since. It is completely unacceptable and negligent they still have not done so.


FEA Overseas members are STRONGLY urged to use the pay organizers available at this link to track your pay every pay period. Also, you should be sure to retain copies of all your LESs -- not just from this year but from past years as well -- in case you ever need them.

Pay problems may not be immediately apparent, so having a thorough record of your pay throughout each school year is a must. The MyPay site only makes LESs from the last 12 months available digitally. Keeping ALL of your LESs is critical for review when debt letters appear -- and, unfortunately, they do just appear. Having your own copies of all your past LESs is your best move since obtaining copies beyond the 12 months of digital copies available on MyPay is difficult -- nearly impossible.


If you believe you've found any issues with your pay at any point during the school year, you should immediately file a pay inquiry -- your FRS can help you with doing so.

You should check to be sure your daily pay rate (block 5 of the LES) is correct, your deductions for health insurance are being withheld properly, and your accrued leave is properly credited.

The daily rate for an Overseas employee on 26 pay periods is your annual salary divided by 260. For 21 pay periods, divide your annual salary by 215. If you had early return days, the daily rate for those days is determined by dividing your salary by 190.

DoDEA's figures for salary amounts and daily rates for Overseas positions can be found at this page on the DoDEA site.

Another sign of trouble to look for are fluctuations in the daily rate on your LES. That rate should be consistent throughout the school year. If the amount has changed at any point since the start of the school year, you have a pay problem and need to file an inquiry immediately. (As a reminder: the 1st pay period this school year for those on 21 pay periods was the week that ended on 08/29/2020; the 1st pay period for those on 26 pay periods was the week that ended on 08/15/2020.)

Other members have reported deductions for things like FEGLi, health and dental insurance were not showing up on their LES. Per the calendar in DCPS: deductions for FEHB, FEGLI and dental insurance for the 21-pay option should have begun with the pay period ending September 12, 2020, and will end with the pay period ending June 5, 2021.

The FEA pay organizers on our site can help you compare your pay and deductions each pay period. Be sure to utilize this resource and to file a pay inquiry immediately if you suspect any problems.