May 18 2010 Update

To: FEA Members Worldwide
From: FEA Washington Office
Re: Special Update
Date: May 18, 2010

PAY PROBLEMS- Since our most recent update, it has been reported to FEA that there may be at least 600 DoDDS employees who have had erroneously large TSP contributions deducted from their most recent pay. FEA has called DoDEA Headquarters' attention to this matter and DLA is also working to correct the issue, which they describe as a "glitch" in the pay system. The exact reasons for this pay error remain unclear but DFAS has said that affected employees will receive back pay on their next paycheck on May 28. If you have been affected by this problem and have not done so already, please immediately inform your DFAS Customer Service Rep of the problem so they can be sure you receive your back pay later this month. All employees are encouraged to review this week's LES statement very carefully.

PROTECT YOURSELF -- A reminder: leave and earning statements will no longer be available in printed format unless you specifically request to receive them. The electronic LES statements that will replace the printed version will only be available online for one year after each is first issued. In order to ensure that you always have a reliable record in case you need it, FEA highly recommends that you either print or electronically save the online LES you receive, or you go to MyPay to request that the printed LES still be sent to you. Keeping complete and accurate records of your pay and other professional records is always a wise idea.

RUMORS -- FEA has been made aware of an anonymous letter, alleged to have been written by an educator at Osan Middle School, making assertions of racist behavior toward that school's principal. The authorship and veracity of this letter is in question. What is certain is that FEA condemns racism in all its forms and in no way condones or participates in such behavior. While FEA and its local association at Osan Middle School have had differences with the principal, those differences have been based on poor educational decisions and violations of federal labor law and the negotiated agreement by management, and redress has been sought through appropriate legal channels. FEA opposes any action that would involve racial discrimination or any other retaliatory action against any individual and had such actions occurred, a full and impartial investigation would be warranted.