Restrictions Lifted on Household Good Allowance for Japan, Okinawa

The Association is pleased to announce that management has agreed to lift all remaining restrictions on the amount of household goods (HHG) shipped to or from any area of Japan, including Okinawa. In other words, DoDEA educators who are reassigned to or from any location in Japan, including Okinawa, are now authorized to ship up to the worldwide maximum amount of HHG, as defined by Volume 2 of the Joint Travel Regulations. That amount is currently set at up to 18,000 pounds.

Educators moving to Japan or Okinawa for SY 09-10 may wish to request an amendment to their PCS orders, in order to authorize the higher weight limit. If you wish to amend your orders, you can go to the TOPS website and make this request online.

The Association would strongly advise educators moving to Japan or Okinawa for SY 09-10 to be aware that housing in the Pacific tends to be smaller than that available in Europe or the U.S. Therefore, we would recommend that you either obtain permanent housing before making this request or confirm the footage of the housing you will obtain before making any requests to ship up to the remainder of your HHG, to prevent having insufficient space to use the HHG.

Please keep in mind that once you make the request to have the additional HHG shipped to your quarters, DoDDS has taken the position that it will not pay to put any HHG back into non-temporary storage (NTS) or store it. In other words, once you ask for your HHG to be shipped to your place and if you subsequently find that you do not have room for it, management's position is that any costs for shipping HHG back to the U.S. or placing any HHG in storage will be at your own expense.