Information on Association Grievance 12-03 (Graduate Credit Earned Before Masters)

MA+ Arbitration Update - Preliminary Hearing Scheduled for 6 November 2013

from Bill Freeman, FEA UniServ Attorney/General Counsel
posted October 10, 2013

A Preliminary Hearing is scheduled for 6 November with Arbitrator Brent. No Grievants will be testifying. How the rest of the case goes will depend on how forthcoming DoDDS is going to be. Worst case scenario is a two month Merits Hearing at some point with 250 of you testifying in Alexandria at government expense. Best case is that DoDDS will settle all 250 with Arbitrator Brent incorporating the settlement into an Award. If you have sent me an affidavit and I have acknowledged receipt through email, there is nothing for you to do now. If you have any doubt, you should be able to word search your email accounts.

Again, graduate credit is graduate credit regardless of when it was earned. DoDDS has been denying this since day one. The best example is graduate credit earned for recert, followed by an MA for which the recert graduate credit did not count. Another example is graduate credit followed by an MBA where the previous graduate credit did not count toward the MBA. Each of your circumstances will be different. But if you should have been placed on MA+ 15 or MA+ 30 sooner than you were, DoDDS owes you money. The back pay and interest can go back to June 2001 if necessary.

If you think you qualify and have yet to send me an affidavit, please do so ASAP. This is probably your last chance. Send the affidavit, transcripts, and representative LES's or SF 50's via email to me at this email.

Since there are at least 250 of you, please try to keep any questions to an absolute minimum. This should be self-explanatory.

Please remember that you are represented by counsel. I am at a very sensitive stage in these proceedings. If you get any questions , instructions, or announcements from admin, refer them to me. Do not respond in any way. Do not apply for the lane change on your own. You may compromise your case. There are many landmines to avoid. You will most certainly complicate and delay ultimate resolution if you take any actions on your own.

I am looking so forward to winning each of you the money DoDDS has owed you for so long.

Bill Freeman
FEA UniServ Attorney/General Counsel