posted March 29, 2020

Regarding the erroneous extra dues deduct billing some Association members in Europe and the Pacific were recently assessed: DoDEA has worked with DFAS to ensure that all Overseas payroll deduction cycles are now set to 10 deductions, so those Overseas members in Cycles 2 and 3 of dues deduction will not have any extra payments erroneously assessed to them. FEA continues to work with DoDEA to work out how the extra dues payment will be restored to the affected individuals, who were all in Cycle 1 of the Overseas dues deduct system. The likely plan will be a refund of the erroneous extra dues payment to those individuals in a future Leave and Earnings Statement, but we do not yet know the timeline for how quickly DoDEA/DFAS can arrangement that reimbursement. FEA will let members know as soon as those details are worked out.

posted March 22, 2020

DoDEA Headquarters has informed FEA they set payroll deductions for Association dues from Overseas employees at 12 pay periods this school year instead of the standard 10 pay periods, which has been the practice for about 30 years. The erroneous change was made by DoDEA with no prior notice to FEA.

As a result, Overseas Association members who pay their dues via payroll deduction and began with the first dues deduction cycle in early November (Overseas Cycle 1 of dues deductions for the current school year) erroneously had an extra dues payment deducted from their most recent pay on March 20. Dues deductions for those Overseas Cycle 1 individuals should have concluded with the March 6 pay date.

This error only affects those Overseas members who were in Cycle 1 of the dues deduction cycle. Those in Cycles 2 or 3 began dues deductions later in the school year and had not yet reached their 10th regularly scheduled payment, and so deductions from their March 20 pay date occurred as part of their normal payment cycle.

FEA will reach out to DoDEA management to resolve the problem. FEA will formally request that dues amounts erroneously deducted from Cycle 1 Overseas members be reimbursed. FEA will also request that dues withholdings for Overseas members in Cycles 2 and 3 terminate after 10 pay periods, not 12, so those in Cycles 2 and 3 are not similarly affected in the future.

Members in the two Stateside bargaining units are under separate negotiated agreements than Overseas members and have a separate dues deduction schedule, so they are not impacted by this error. The error also does not affect those Overseas members who voluntarily participated in FEA's eDues pilot program this year.