DoDEA has informed us it has completed the process of refunding an 11th deduction for Association dues that was applied in error by DFAS to some Overseas bargaining unit members during SY 19-20. All those who were sent refunds should receive an email notice from DoDEA. Those notices began going out earlier this year, as the first refunds were processed, and the final notices should be delivered via email this week.

The error affected roughly 2,500 members. The refunds should have shown up in the same bank account you use for deposit of your payroll. DoDEA began processing the refunds through DFAS earlier this year but most of the refunds were made within the past two weeks.

If you are an Overseas bargaining unit member who had the erroneous 11th dues deduction withheld from your pay, you should check your bank records to make sure you received the refund in your bank account. Your refund may have been processed anytime in the past several months, so please check your bank records going back to April. If you were owed the refund and have not yet received it, please contact FEA President Brian Chance so he can follow up with DoDEA.