posted June 11, 2020

DFAS has begun the process of rectifying the error by management that resulted in many Overseas members incorrectly being assessed an 11th payment of Association dues this year. Unfortunately, DFAS has refused to process these repayments through payroll channels and is instead requiring DoDEA to process individual payment requests for each of the over 2,500 people affected. As a result, the repayment process is likely to take weeks or even months to complete before all members are properly repaid.

The repayments will show up as a direct deposit in each affected Overseas employee's bank account as they are processed by DFAS.

DFAS does not send notices to employees for payments such as these and the repayments will not appear on an employee's LES. We have been told that DoDEA's payroll team, which is processing the repayment requests to DFAS, has been instructed to send an email to each employee's work address when DFAS confirms repayment to that employee. Overseas employees who were incorrectly assessed this 11th dues payment are advised to check their work email and their bank accounts regularly to see if they have been reimbursed.

This situation is the result of a DoDEA error that set an incorrect number of dues payments on the payroll deduction schedule for some Overseas members. The refusal by DFAS to process the repayments through payroll channels is causing unnecessary delays in rectifying the situation. FEA has filed an Association Grievance on this issue and it will be tracked to completion in order to make sure all affected employees are properly reimbursed.