Legal Update - Reimbursements for Coaches

FEA Legal Update- March 30, 2009

Questionnaire for Association Grievance 08-08

Association Grievance 08-08 deals with DoDDS' refusal to reimburse coaches for travel expenses. In short, the Association Grievance covers situations where a coach traveled with a team that involved an overnight stay away from the post. The Association understands that on some trips, the athletes' parents arranged for the team to stay in a hotel (at their parent's expense), rather than sleep in the gym or some other public place, and the coach would then stay in the hotel with the team. The Association also understands that there was a past practice whereby when the whole team stayed in a hotel, the coach would be reimbursed for the cost of staying in the hotel with the team.

It has come to the Association's attention that management is now refusing to pay for the cost of the hotel for a coach, even if the entire team stays in the hotel. Therefore, the Association filed Association Grievance 08-08 on behalf of such coaches. Please note that while the grievance only names two individuals, the grievance will cover ALL "similarly situated bargaining unit employees."

Therefore, if you are a coach who has been denied the hotel costs in the manner described above, please complete the questionnaire below and return it to the Association. If you know of any other coach who may have been affected, please forward this questionnaire to them as well. When completing this questionnaire, please include a detailed description of facts that would justify reimbursement. The following are examples of information/facts that I will need:

1. Did DoDDS reimburse you for these expenses in the past (when, what trips, etc.)?

2. Did the parents insist that their children/players stay in a hotel?

3. Did all players stay in the hotel?

4. Did any players sleep in the Gym?

5. Any other facts which may help our case.

6. Coach's name and contact information (email address, phone number and school name)

Please fax me (or email me) a copy of your hotel bills/invoices and/or receipts of other expenses which DoDDS did reimburse you in the past, but has now refused to reimburse you. The fax number is (202) 822-7867. Please email your completed questionnaire and any hotel bills/ invoices to The deadline for responding is May 15, 2009.

Once I receive the above information and documents from each of you, I will contact management and ask for reimbursements. If they are willing to pay, we can settle this case in a short period of time. If they still refuse to pay, we will have to arbitrate/litigate.