posted June 24, 2020

Overseas bargaining unit members are encouraged to track their pay for the just-concluded school year by using one of the salary organizers posted on the FEA website at this page.

This year has been particularly challenging beginning with the spread pay issues that started in August 2019. The agency maintains that the spread pay irregularities have been corrected. Using the pay organizer will help you identify any points of concern.

The DoDEA Global Service Desk provides a place to submit a pay inquiry if there is an issue to be addressed.

If you do not have access to the GSD then complete the Pay Inquiry Form provided by DoDEA Resource Management (download it here) and submit it to the following email address: CSR@DODEA.EDU. DoDEA Resource Management has indicated they will route the form to the appropriate CSR for action.

If you identify a problem that is not resolved with a pay inquiry, please use the Pay Problem Package available for Overseas bargaining unit members, available at this page.

As a reminder, during the just-concluded SY 19/20, Overseas educators were paid on the following schedules.

For those on 26 pay periods: the first pay period ended August 3, 2019 and included a partial payment for two days (August 1 and 2, 2019) of SY 19/20; the last pay period ends on August 1, 2020.

For those on 21 pay periods: the first pay period ended August 31, 2019, and was a full payment; the last pay period of the school year ended June 20, 2020, and consisted of a partial payment for three work days (June 8-10, 2020).