RAT Travel Problems

posted June 18, 2018

We know some members are still having problems with their RAT orders for summer travel. The situation is made worse by the fact that most school-level employees will no longer have access to their DoDEA e-mail accounts once the school year concludes on Friday, making it even harder to communicate with DoDEA personnel to resolve issues.

If you are among those employees who have yet to receive your RAT orders, or your RAT orders will need to be amended or revised, FEA advises you to send a message to Susan Watson at DoDEA Headquarters for assistance with your orders after school closes

In your message to Susan, explain your situation regarding difficulties obtaining or amending RAT orders and be sure to include your PERSONAL (non DoDEA) e-mail address so that Susan can write back to you at an e-mail you'll be able to access. In fact, it would be advisable for you to write to Susan using your personal e-mail address, or to at least copy your personal e-mail on the message to Susan so she can respond directly to it.