Update on Phase 2 of Overseas Excess Placement Round

Phase two of the Overseas excess placement round began at 9 am on Monday, March 11. FEA's Connie Shanaghan and FEA Europe Area Director Terry McClain are attending the program daily to work with DoDEA management on placements. In addition, FEA President Chuck McCarter attended on Monday.

The offers of VERA/VSIP to all Overseas excessed employees who applied and were eligible (Phase 1) have been completed. If you are an Overseas excessed teacher who applied for VERA/VSIP and did not receive an offer, please contact Connie Shanaghan immediately at

Per an agreement with Management, FEA cannot release any specific information on placements until the program has been completed and the reassignment letters have been emailed. Reassignment letters will all be sent out together when the placement program is finished.

Additional VERA/VSIP offers to Overseas educators who are not excessed will be made on a one-to-one match to excessed educators who could not be placed in phase 2 and 3. Those additional VERA/VSIP offers for Overseas educators will not be made for another week or two.

FEA will continue to update members on the Overseas excess placement process and additional VERA/VSIP offerings for Overseas educators periodically over the next few weeks.