Overseas Excess Placement Notices Going Out

posted March 20, 2019

Notices of reassignments began going out to overseas excessed educators Wednesday (March 20) afternoon.

Educators have within 3 workdays of receipt to respond whether they will
1. accept the new assignment;
2. accept but request reconsideration (see reconsideration info below); or
3. retire/resign.

It may take a few days before all the notices are out.

Educators may request DISTRICT reconsideration for two reason:
1. They were placed outside their current district and wish to remain in their district; or
2. They were placed in a teaching category that they have not taught AND did not include on their application.

Reconsideration requests will be considered through April 26, 2019. If a new position is not found, the original reassignment will stand. (Educators who were placed in a position that was created due to a VERA/VSIP are not eligible for this reconsideration.)

FEA members may contact Connie Shanaghan if they have questions about their reassignments. However, per an agreement with Management, we cannot respond to specific questions about reassignments until all the notices have been sent out.