Do This Before the March 1 Deadline for Changes To the Overseas Excess Placement Database

The DoDDS excess placement program database will be locked on March 1 at 5pm EST. Once locked, excessed employees will no longer be able to submit an application or have access to their applications. By the March 1 deadline we strongly recommend that you:

1. Fully complete your application and print it (if possible) or write down your list of location preferences, in the order you listed them.
2. Log out and then back in to verify that your application has been saved and all the information is correct.
3. Print a copy of your submitted application for your records.

There is no limit to the number of locations that excessed educators can list, therefore we recommend including all district/area locations in your preference order on your application (assuming you have preferences). All excessed employees will be considered for all locations within their current district/area (whether or not they wish to remain in their district/area). Listing district/area locations as part of your preferences will NOT increase your chances of being placed in the district or area.

If you would like to take advantage of FEA's verification service for members, you must send a copy of your final application to Connie Shanaghan at FEA cannot log into the database and check your application for you.

There have been a few reports of applicants finding their location preferences listed in a different order when they log back into the database. If that should happen, please send Connie your name, original list of locations, and the list of your locations as they appear when you log back in.

The Excess Placement Program for the FEA DoDDS Overseas bargaining unit is set to begin on March 11. FEA representatives will attend this program.

Management will conduct two separate DoDDS placement programs: one for FEA bargaining unit schools and one for the Overseas Federation of Teachers bargaining unit (representing all locations in the Europe South district). The Europe South (Med locations) placement program will be held the week of March 4 and will place excessed teachers currently located in the Med. During that program, only vacancies in the Med will be used. No placements will be made to FEA's bargaining unit.

During the March 11 FEA bargaining unit placement process, placements to the OFT bargaining unit will be made at Management's discretion. Although we expect limited vacancies will be available in the Med, members should still include any Med location preferences on their application.

Although we were told by Management that special considerations would not be given for reasons such as medical needs during the placement program, DoDDS included an area on the application (No. 9) to add any special Educational needs and/or medical requirements. Although we are not certain if DoDDS will consider these needs in the placement process, we encourage applicants to add any appropriate information to this section of the application.

If you completed an excess placement program application but decided to accept a VERA/VSIP offer, please withdraw your application from the database no later than March 1.

FEA advises members to read the Tips for Excessed Placements created by our own Connie Shanaghan prior to finalizing your online application March 1. Those tips can be found here.