Corrections Made to VSIP Estimates

posted March 5, 2019

Positive news for Overseas VSIP/VERA applicants.

FEA was informed last week of potential errors in the VSIP/VERA calculations for several Overseas members. After studying the issue, we determined that DoDEA's Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA) had miscalculated the allowances for several people and we reported the problem to DoDEA. The miscalculation was due to the formula CHRA used to determine the employees' hourly rate of pay and resulted in VERA/VSIP offerings being roughly one-third smaller than they should have been.

To their credit, DoDEA's Human Resources staff acted quickly on the information we supplied to them and recalculated all VSIP/VERA offerings that were below the maximum allowable amount. As a result, 13 employees who had already accepted VSIP are now being offered higher amounts -- several increased to the $40,000 maximum amount.

In addition, four other Overseas employees who had declined their initial VSIP/VERA offers have been informed their offer amounts should have been higher. They have been informed of the proper amount they should have been offered and have been given three days to accept or decline the revised offer.

We are grateful to our members who raised this issue to us, so that we could examine it and bring the error to DoDEA. Additionally, we are grateful to the DoDEA HR staff for quickly addressing and working to correct the problem. It is a welcome reminder of how labor/management relations are SUPPOSED to work.