January 25 Update on Excessing and VERA/VSIP


As soon as excessing procedures are completed for overseas schools, principals should submit school vacancies to the District Superintendent. These vacancies must be shared with the appropriate district level association/union representative. We have asked our FEA DODDS district-level leaders to contact the DSO for a list of their vacancies and confirm that it is accurate. We will report any discrepancies to DoDDS Headquarters.


We have received several questions about applying to both VSIP and the $1,000 Early Notice Incentive (ENI). Specifically, will DoDEA consider an educator for VSIP if they know the educator is already retiring. DoDEA has assured us that applicants applying for both VSIP and ENI will be considered first for VSIP. If they are not excessed educators or if their position cannot be used to place an excessed educator, their ENI request will then be processed.


We have been asked if educators, who will have 20 years of service in August, are eligible to apply for VERA. The VERA regulations require that educators meet the eligibility requirements for early retirement by June 30th.


Problems with the VSIP/VERA application process have been reported. Please use the addresses below instead of the addresses originally published to submit your application:

Europe: and (Send to both -- these addresses should be used for both VERA and VSIP applications)



You should ensure that the delivery and read receipt notifications are checked when submitting your application.


The deadline to apply to VERA, VSIP, and ENI is February 1, 2019. You can find additional information on the FEA website at our VERA/VSIP and Excessing Info Page.