January 15 Update on VERA/VSIP and Excessing

FEA and DoDEA continue to iron out final details of the excess placement procedure and we expect that procedure to be announced to employees this week.

A number of members have asked whether being excessed this year guarantees them VERA/VSIP. DoDEA headquarters has said all employees who are excessed this year and who apply for and meet the qualifications of VERA/VSIP will receive an offer for VERA/VSIP.

Applicants may apply for both VERA and VSIP. Anyone who is offered VERA/VSIP will have the option to accept or decline it. Applying for VERA/VSIP does not commit you to accepting it.

The deadline to apply is February 1. You can find DoDEA's memos to employees, which include the VERA/VSIP qualifications and application information, by going to FEA's VERA/VSIP and Excess Information Page