DoDEA Releases Excessing Procedure and Time Line

FEA's January 17, 2019, update offers highlights of the procedures and a link to the full procedures and time line released by DoDEA. Click here to read FEA's update on the procedures.

February 1 Deadline to Apply for VERA/VSIP or Early Notice Incentive

To do so, see the links to DoDEA's January 10 memos on each of these programs for your location. You can find the links to those memos in the bulleted list at the bottom of this page.

FEA's January 11, 2019 Update on VERA/VSIP and Excessing

General information on DoDEA's January 10 announcements regarding VERA/VSIP and Early Notice Incentives for retiring/separating employees, as well as work toward nailing down excessing procedures. Read the update here

January 15, 2019 Update - Does Being Excessed Guarantee You Get VERA/VSIP?

DoDEA says all excessed employees who apply and meet the qualifications for VERA/VSIP this year will receive an offer. Read FEA's January 15 update to learn more

Links to Resources Related to the 2019 VERA/VSIP, Early Notice Incentive and Excessing Placement Programs