DoDEA Says No Transfer Program This Year

RE: No Transfer Program This Year
DATE: December 12, 2019

We have just been informed by DoDEA that they will not fund a transfer program this year.

We realize this comes as a major disappointment for our members. DoDEA, like other Department of Defense agencies, is under intense scrutiny to scrub its budget in order to reallocate funds towards "lethality" programs. It is this budget scrutiny that is threatening multiple small schools across DoDEA. As a result, DoDEA claims they are unable to fund a transfer program this school year.

Employees who are excessed this year will be placed, though the system for doing so has yet to be defined and finalized.

Having a fair and robust transfer program is crucial to maintaining morale and retaining employees in overseas locations. FEA has repeatedly made those points to DoDEA.

Management has indicated its hands are tied by the budget scrubbing now underway and with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act this week eliminating any hope of additional budget flexibility, it wished to inform employees immediately that the transfer program would not be happening.

FEA will continue to urge the restoration of a real, fully funded, and effective transfer program for our members in future years.