DoDEA Educators Face Furlough Threat

IMPORTANT: Do not view this information or follow the links below while on duty time, on government property, or while using a government computer or other equipment.

The Pentagon and DoDEA have announced plans to furlough teachers and aides up to five days during School Year 2013-2014 and Educational Support Personnel (ESPs) as many as 11 days.

Any furloughing of DoDEA school-level faculty and support staff would do serious harm to the quality of education military dependents receive by closing schools and disrupting the services that support classroom learning.

Let those in Washington know this is not acceptable. Follow the link below to write your Senators and Representative and urge everyone you know to do the same.
    Fill in your ZIP Code on the linked page and follow the instructions to write your Senators and Representative. Urge others to do the same.
    New letter posted May 17, 2013. If you wrote before using our previous online letter, please write again using this new letter.

  • Letter from NEA President to Secretary of Defense on Furloughs
    NEA President Dennis Van Roekel wrote the Secretary of Defense and others at the Pentagon, urging them to declare DoDEA educators "critical" so that they will not be furloughed if cuts are enacted.
  • Letter from NEA Opposing Furlough Plans
    NEA's Director of Government Relations wrote to Congress expressing NEA's strong objection to furloughs at DoDEA and the disruptions to education they would cause.
  • Senator Mark Warner Speaks Out for DoDEA Educators and ESPs
    Virginia Senator Mark Warner, speaking on the Senate floor, criticized plans to furlough DoDEA faculty and staff and close schools down during furlough days. He urged his colleagues in the Senate to join him in voicing these complaints to the Pentagon. You can see the Senator's speech by following the link above.