2013-2014 DODDS Excessed Placement and VSIP/VERA Information Page

Here you will find news and information from FEA about the 2013-2014 DODDS Excessed Placement Program and VERA/VSIP offering.

Excessed Placements Continue

From the April 15 FEA President's Report

The Excessed Placement Program continues. The district placement phase for all the districts has been conducted. The Europe Area Placement Phase began Tuesday afternoon.

As a reminder, VERA/VSIP offers are based on the location and category preferences of the excessed educator and, within these preferences, the SCD of the VERA/VSIP applicants. As an example, suppose an excessed educator in the Kaiserslautern District lists "Ramstein HS" as her first location choice and "English" as her first category choice. She would first be considered for an English vacancy at Ramstein HS. If there are no true vacancies available, VSIP/VERA applicants at Ramstein HS, who will teach English next school year, would then be considered. If there is more than one VERA/VSIP applicant at Ramstein HS, the more senior applicant would be given a VERA/VSIP offer.

Some excessed educators list districts rather than individual schools as location preferences. In these cases, when there are no true vacancies available, the category preferences of the excessed educator are considered for all VERA/VSIP applicants in the district. As an example, suppose an excessed educator lists Kaiserslautern District as her first location preference and elementary music as her first category preference. If there are no true vacancies for elementary music in the Kaiserslautern district, VERA/VSIP applicants are then considered. The most senior VERA/VSIP applicant in the Kaiserslautern district, who will teach elementary music next year, would receive the VERA/VSIP offer.

DODDS Excessed Placement Program Underway

from the April 1, FEA President's Report

The DODDS Excessed Placement Program (EPP) has finally gotten underway. DoDEA Headquarters began on Friday (March 28) with in-district placements for excessed educators in the Mediterranean District. FEA's Connie Shanaghan is at DoDEA Headquarters, monitoring the program on behalf of our members. We expect it will take several weeks to complete the placement program. We know many of you have been anxiously awaiting word about your placement, or about the possibility of a VERA/VSIP offer. We ask that you remain patient as this process now enters its final stages. Keep in mind, also, that while DoDEA HQ will be sending out notifications, FEA is unable to release information about any individual placement until all the offers have been made and the program is completed.

Prior to the start of the placement program, Connie did complete the verification of excessed placement applications for FEA members who requested this service. If you requested verification of your excessed placement application but did not hear from Connie, please send her a message at Please include your SCD

Excessed Placement Program Delayed Until At Least April 1

TO: FEA Members Worldwide
FROM: FEA Washington Office
RE: Start of DODDS Excessed Placement Program Delayed
DATE: March 21, 2014

The start of the DODDS Excessed Placement Program is being delayed until on or about April 1. This decision was made for a number of reasons, most importantly to ensure the vacancy list to be used in the program is as accurate as possible.

FEA knows its members are anxiously awaiting news of their placement (in the case of those who were excessed) or their application for VERA/VSIP. The Association feels, however, it would be best to resolve any potential errors in the vacancy list now rather than later, in order to decrease the possibility of placement or VSIP/VERA offers being erroneously made and later rescinded.

DoDEA HQ provided the vacancy list to FEA late on the afternoon of March 14. Per the MOU between FEA and DoDEA, FEA was granted time prior to the start of the program to verify the accuracy of the vacancies with our leaders in the field. We are very appreciative to our FRSs, Local Presidents, and Distrist Reps who have reported discrepancies on the vacancy list to us. We have brought these discrepancies to DoDEA's attention. Everyone is now working to ensure the vacancy list is accurate before the process can begin.

We are optimistic that correcting these errors will ultimately result in more VERA/VSIP offers being made. Even with this most recent delay, the start of the Excessed Placement Program should take place well before last year's start date of April 11.

We are working with DODDS to resolve all remaining issues with the vacancy list as quickly as possible so that Excessed placements and VSIP/VERA offers can proceed quickly and -- more importantly -- as accurately as possible. FEA greatly appreciates its members' continued patience with this process as we work to ensure you are treated fairly and correctly.

Please note that educators who are e-mailed a VERA/VSIP offer or placement notification during spring break (we realize that some of you have spring break other than April 7-11) will have two workdays once school resumes to respond to the offer/placement notification. Educators may elect, at their option, to have their offers/placement letters e-mailed to their personal email during spring break by sending their personal email address to DoDDS HQ at the following address:

In a related matter…

FEA has conducted the VERA/VSIP verification for our members who requested this service. If you requested verification from FEA as an excessed educator, we have confirmed that a VERA/VSIP offer was sent to you. If you are not an excessed educator, we have confirmed that your name is included on the VERA/VSIP list that will be used during the Excessed Placement Program (EPP).

A VERA/VSIP confirmation e-mail was sent to all members who are not excessed and who requested the FEA verification service, notifying everyone that the verification has been done. If you applied for VERA/VSIP as a non-excessed educator and requested verification from FEA but did not receive a confirmation e-mail from Connie Shanaghan this week, please contact her at

The FEA verification for the EPP application for our excessed members who requested this service will be conducted next week.

Start of Excess Placement Program Delayed

from the March 12, 2014 FEA President's Report

The start of the DODDS Excess Placement Program has been delayed until at least next Tuesday, March 18, although it is likely to be delayed a few days beyond that because DODDS is still preparing the vacancy list and, once it is completed, FEA must be given time to verify that the list is accurate.

FEA knows many of our members are anxiously awaiting information about their possible placements or VERA/VSIP offers. We appreciate your continued patience as we work with DoDEA to make sure both the Excess Placement and VERA/VSIP programs run as smoothly as possible. Please remember that the Excess Placement Program, once it does start, will take several weeks to complete.

Connie Shanaghan, FEA Director of Administration, will be in attendance throughout the Excess Placement Program to monitor the process on behalf of our members. Please be aware, however, that Connie is unable to share any information about individual placements until all reassignment letters have been sent out.

Deadline Extensions

posted March 10, 2014

The deadline for DoDDS employees to apply for the Excess Placement Program or for VSIP/VERA has been extended until 12 noon EDT on Tuesday, March 11. You can access the application here.

A reminder to our DDESS members: The deadline for DDESS employees to apply for VERA or VSIP has been extended to Wednesday, March 12. The extension notice from DDESS, along with the application form that must be turned in to apply for VERA/VSIP, can be found on the FEA Web site here.

Deadline Extension for DoDDS Excess Placement, VSIP/VERA Programs

TO: FEA Members Worldwide
FROM: FEA Washington Office
RE: Extension of Deadline for DODDS Excess Placement and VSIP/VERA Applications
DATE: March 4, 2014

DoDDS has extended the application deadlines for both the Excess Placement Program and VSIP/VERA to 5pm (EST) this Thursday, March 6. The following memo was sent out by the DoDEA Human Resources Department Tuesday morning. Please visit for more information about the DoDDS Excess Placement and VSIP/VERA programs.



Due to technical difficulties with the DoDDS Excess Placement Program and VERA/VSIP Module, we will be EXTENDING THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION for both EPP and VERA/VSIP. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Thursday, March 6, 2014. Application changes may be made any time before the March 6, 2014 application deadline. After the closing date of the application, no changes will be permitted.

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions concerning the application process, please send an e-mail to the following address: Excess Placement Program email

Apply at the following link: application link

Please ensure distribution.

Rita Terhaar
Acting HR Director, DoDEA

From the February 26, 2014 FEA President's Report


FEA has posted answers to some frequently asked questions about the DoDDS Excess Placement program. You can find that Q&A document on the FEA Web site at
this page.
DoDDS employees may register for the Excess Placement Program and VSIP/VERA consideration by going to this page.

The deadline for DoDDS employees to apply is Tuesday, March 4.

The deadline for DDESS employees to apply for VSIP/VERA consideration is March 3.


Those who apply for VSIP/VERA will receive an estimate of the amount they would receive, should they be extended an offer under either program. If, after reviewing your estimate, you definitely know that you would not accept a VERA/VSIP offer were it extended to you, please inform management that you wish to withdraw from consideration. You can do so by emailing DoDEA. Also, please copy FEA's Connie Shanaghan at so she can confirm your application is withdrawn.

By removing yourself from consideration as soon as you are certain you are no longer interested, you will help to speed up the process for others who are still awaiting word on VSIP/VERA or their placement as an excessed employee.

From the Feb 18, 2014 FEA President's Report


The Link to the DODDS VERA/VSIP Registry and Excess Placement Program is available here.

The registration closing date for both programs is March 4, 2014. The DODDS Excess Placement Program is tentatively scheduled to begin at DoDEA Headquarters on March 12.

DDESS employees may apply for VSIP/VERA until February 24 by submitting the form attached to the February 11, 2014, memo sent out by DDESS to all permanent DDESS employees. You can find a copy of that memo and application form on FEA's Web site at this link.


The FEA Washington office has received many questions about excessed employee consideration procedures for DODDS employees. These procedures are describe below.

ALL excessed DODDS employees will first receive consideration for placement in their current district. Employees, who indicated their desire to remain in their current district, will receive first consideration in SCD order, using their location and category preferences. If they cannot be placed in their preferences, they will be considered district-wide for placement.

Placements for this group will be made using true vacancies, VERA/VSIP offers, and positions occupied by employees on NTE appointments.

Excessed DODDS employees, who do not desire to remain in their current district, will be considered next for district placement using the same procedures as described above with one exception: positions occupied by employees on NTE appointments are not used for the placement of these educators.

Educators, who do not desire to remain in their current district, may still wish to include district schools in their priority order on their application since they will be considered for all schools within their current district.

If an educator cannot be placed district-wide, he/she will move on to the area program.

The same procedures will be used in the area program. If an educator cannot be placed in the area program, he/she will move to the worldwide program. All employees in the worldwide placement program will be placed into one group in SCD order. Educators will first be considered for their location/category preferences using true vacancies and vacancies created by VERA/VSIP offers. If they cannot be placed in their preferences, they will then receive consideration for all worldwide vacancies (including VERA/VSIP vacancies).

Excessed employees, who are not placed in their district or area and who desire placement in a DDESS location will be considered for DDESS placements during the worldwide phase.

Excessed educators who cannot be placed in any of the above phases will be considered for NTE slots first in their district, then area, and finally worldwide.


FEA will once again offer this service to all FEA members. This year we will offer verification for both your VERA/VSIP application and your excess placement application.

If you applied for VERA/VSIP and would like us to verify that your name is on the list, please send an email to this email requesting verification. The deadline for verification is March 6.

If you are an excessed DODDS educator and would like us to verify that your application has been included in the excess placement program, please email a copy of your FINAL application to this email or fax it to 202-822-7867. Applications must be received no later than March 6.

If you have any questions, please contact Connie Shanaghan at this email.

DODDS Revising Info for Excessed Employees

FROM: FEA Washington Office
RE: DODDS VERA/VSIP Clarifications
DATE: February 12, 2014

In order to relieve some confusion in the field, DODDS has reissued a memorandum it sent last week to excessed employees in Europe and the Pacific, asking them to indicate whether they wish to be considered for in-complex placement.

The memo is entitled, "Notification of Excess Status and Options." The content of the revised memo can be found on FEA's Web site here.

The revised memo, which is now being sent to excessed employees in both Europe and the Pacific, replaces the earlier version. Responses from excessed employees to this new and revised memo must be submitted by February 18 (Tuesday), regardless whether the employee had already responded to the earlier version of the memo.

The main reason for revising the memo was to clarify/correct information that was circulating about the ramifications of being considered for an in-complex placement. The main points being:

1. Excessed DODDS educators who choose to be considered for an in-complex placement AND who then receive an in-complex placement will no longer be considered excessed, and will therefore no longer be eligible for VSIP or VERA.

2. DODDS educators receiving an in-complex placement will NOT have the option of declining the placement.

If you are an excessed DODDS educator and already submitted your response to the "Notification of Excess Status and Options" memo put out by DODDS last week, you must complete and submit the new memo from DODDS by the February 18 deadline. Your previously submitted response will not be retained.

Those DODDS educators who are declared excessed and are not placed in-complex but who wish to be placed elsewhere in DoDEA will be required to register for the Excess Placement Program. DoDEA will be sending out additional information soon about when that placement program will get underway and how employees should go about registering.

The application window for VSIP and VERA will open this Tuesday, February 18, and continue through March 4. DODDS will be sending out information about the application process.

One additional point that employees should clearly understand, because there has been conflicting information about this as well: If you are intending to apply for VSIP or VERA you should not turn in any paperwork at this time stating your intention to retire or resign from DoDEA at the end of the current school year. You should only submit such paperwork after the VSIP/VERA process has concluded.

VERA/VSIP Offers Sent Out

posted January 10, 2014
DoDEA sent out Offers for Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay and Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VSIP/VERA) late Thursday night to educators from DoDDS schools that will be closing after this school year. There is a very short turnaround on this round, with replies being due by this Monday, January 13, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time. A second round of VSIP/VERA offers will be made once staffing documents are released later this month. That round will include employees at all schools, not just those that are closing.

Update on DODDS VERA/VSIP and Excessed Placement Programs

TO: FEA Members Worldwide
FROM: FEA Washington Office
RE: Update on DODDS VSIP/VERA and Excessed Placement Programs
DATE: December 4, 2013


FEA DODDS members who apply for VERA/VSIP are strongly encouraged to use FEA"s verification service to ensure that their application is included on the official HQ VERA/VSIP applicant list. To take advantage of this service, members should email the following information to

1. Your name
2. Your current school
3. Whether or not you are an excessed educator

We will confirm that HQ has your paperwork and then notify you that your name is included.

Phase 1 of the VERA/VSIP program is currently underway. This phase is open only to educators at closing schools. Please remember that VERA/VSIP is IRREVOCABLE; once you accept V/V, you cannot change your mind under any circumstances.


This year HQ is requiring excessed educators with medical concerns to submit medical documentation at the same time they submit their excessed placement application. Therefore, if you or one or your dependents has a medical need that would require special consideration in your placement, you should contact your doctor's office and get your doctor's statement ready. The statement should be as specific as possible and include a description of the medical condition and recommendations for placement (for example, near medical facilities that can provide a specific treatment). Remember that excessed educators may be placed in ANY worldwide location - even locations that they have not listed on their application. Educators who have submitted medical documentation with their application may request reconsideration if they are placed in a location that does not meet their needs. If their medical reconsideration is approved by HQ and if a position can be found that meets their doctor's recommendations, their placement may be changed.

FEA will send out timely information and placement tips for excessed educators over the next several weeks. If you are an FEA member and have any questions, please contact Connie Shanaghan at

DODDS Excessed Placement, VERA/VSIP Programs Announced

TO: FEA Members Worldwide
FROM: FEA Washington Office
RE: DODDS Excessed placement program update
DATE: December 3, 2013

FEA and DODEA have signed off on the procedures for placing DODDS employees declared excess for school year 2014-2015. The staffing documents that will be used to make these excess determinations should be sent to each school shortly. Overall, the excessed placement procedures are largely similar to those used last year. FEA was able to negotiate for expanding the conditions for reconsideration of excessed employees. The actual placement of excessed employees is scheduled to take place in March. DODEA, at this point, continues its opposition to conducting a full transfer program for next school year. FEA will continue to push for the inclusion of such a program, which is sorely needed to maintain morale among employees, particularly those in hardship areas who have been denied transfer opportunities in recent years.

The MOU and details of the excessed placement program can be found on the FEA Web site at this page.

Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA) and Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay (VSIP) will both be offered as part of the DODDS excess placement program negotiated between FEA and DODEA. VERA/VSIP will be offered in two separate rounds. The first round, which has begun already, is only for educators in schools that are set to close after this year. In addition to those educators at closing schools, the second round of VERA/VSIP will also include educators declared excess from schools that are not closing and any non-excessed educators whose acceptance of VERA or VSIP would create a vacancy that could be filled by an excessed educator. The second VERA/VSIP round will run from mid-December to mid-January.

The two most important things you can do right now if you expect to apply for VERA/VSIP or if you think you'll be declared excess this year are:
1. Make sure the Service Computation Date (SCD) on your Leave and Earnings Statement is correct. If not, immediately contact your local human resources representative to correct the error.
2. Make sure all information on your teaching certificate, including teaching categories you are qualified for, is accurate and up to date.

FEA will be sending out additional information to members in the days ahead about our VSIP/VERA verification service and tips for the excessed placement program.