DoDEA Announcement on Saturday Duty Time

posted July 24, 2020

DoDEA failed to negotiate with FEA on its intention to have Overseas bargaining unit members work on a Saturday prior to releasing that information to the field. We clearly hear -- and share -- our members' anger over this development.

The requirement to work on a weekend is unprecedented. The fact this requirement was issued without advance bargaining is particularly upsetting.

When FEA was notified by management of its directive to have employees work on a Saturday, we were invited to submit bargaining proposals, and we most definitely will do so. We will urge DoDEA to adopt flexibility in its requirement.

We will update members on this issue as the situation develops.

DoDEA continues to insist upon in-person opening of schools in any location not already at HEPCON C, despite the fact schools across the country are increasingly switching to remote openings in the face of a resurgent COVID-19 threat.

The Association is in daily contact with DoDEA officials, seeking information and raising concerns about preparations. We are very concerned there may be inadequate supplies of PPE, inadequate plans for cleaning and maintaining safe conditions, and no realistic thought put into what will happen should the virus begin spreading through a school.

It is our grave concern that DoDEA will not see the error of its ways until students and staff become infected, or worse, until someone loses their life because of management's failure to do the safest thing and implement a remote opening.

The Association urges parents to choose the online learning option for their students. DoDEA management should choose a remote opening of its schools with regular reassessments of local conditions to warrant a safe opening. To do otherwise may be tragic.