posted April 9, 2020

DoDEA employees in foreign areas who fear they are at a heightened risk of exposure to COVID-19 may now request to be evacuated to any of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, under updated guidance issued this week by the Department of State and DoDEA.

Also, in response to the many questions forwarded to them by FEA and sent in by employees, DoDEA has created a document with answers to common questions. You can view that FAQ document here.

When the option to request evacuation was first announced last week, an employee could request the evacuation of their Eligible Family Members (EFMs) to any location within the U.S., but employees themselves only had the option to evacuate to Arlington, Virginia, as their designated "safe haven."

Those employees may now designate as their safe haven anywhere within the 50 states or the District of Columbia.

Employees who do request evacuation to any location within the U.S. will still be expected to resume online education of students after a brief period allowed for relocating themselves and their families.

Those interested in the evacuation option or wishing to submit a request for evacuation should view the information from DoDEA on this page, on its "Authorized Departures Due to COVID-19 page".

The expansion of the "safe haven" option for employees to anywhere within the U.S. comes as some Pentagon officials have indicated the current PCS travel ban may be extended beyond May 11, possibly well into the summer.

FEA members considering evacuation are reminded to educate themselves about the situation in any location they considering requesting as a safe haven for themselves and/or their family members. Many states and localities have "stay at home" orders currently in place that restrict movement and there are widespread shortages in common necessities including some foods, medicines, and toiletries. Carryout and delivery services from restaurants, grocery stores and other services, have become an increasingly common option in reaction to the situation.

DoDEA has advised that questions concerning the evacuation option memorandum should be submitted through management to the HQ DoDEA COVID-19 Helpdesk at email: or phone: 703-438-1075