FEA and FEA-SR Jointly Call for Remote Opening of Schools

posted July 21, 2020

A remote opening of DoDEA schools, rather than any physical reopening, is the best and safest way to begin the upcoming school year.

That is the message to DoDEA Director Tom Brady sent jointly this week in a letter from FEA President Brian Chance and FEA Director for DDESS Jane Loggins.

"A physical reopening of our schools this summer presents unacceptable health and safety risks to students, employees, and their families," the letter reads, adding that a physical reopening of schools at this time risks the virus being spread further through the military community via DoDEA students and employees -- a potentially severe blow to military readiness.

The letter from Chance and Loggins goes on to cite factors such as the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in many locations where DoDEA schools are located, concerns about Personal Protective Equipment and adequate cleaning plans for schools, quarantines, shortages of substitute teachers, and likely staffing difficulties due to ongoing Authorized Departures as additional reasons to forego a physical reopening.

"Remotely opening the schools would provide flexibility to overcome these issues and would allow each of DoDEA's diverse locations to individually assess their ability to reopen when local conditions allow them to do so safely and with all possible precautions and safeguards in place," the letter to Mr. Brady reads.

An additional document, further detailing reasons to support a remote opening, was sent to Mr. Brady along with the joint letter from FEA and FEA-SR.

You can read the content of both documents using the links below.

Joint letter from FEA and FEA-SR calling for remote opening

Document listing reasons to support a remote opening