posted April 10, 2020

Acting upon a request from FEA, DoDEA Director Tom Brady committed recently to suspending Focused Collaboration throughout DoDEA for the duration of the current school shutdowns, in order to diminish the stress and added responsibilities educators are dealing with.

Director Brady indicated agreement that, instead of being replaced with other management-directed activities, the time being dedicated to Focused Collaboration should instead be given to educators to use as they see fit to prepare on their own and with each other for online learning.

The Association is grateful to Director Brady for taking this step.

Policy changes such as this are sometimes slow to take hold in the field. Employees who continue to be directed to participate in management-driven focused collaboration or similar activities are asked to inform their local Association reps, so they can pass that information along to FEA reps in touch with DoDEA headquarters.

It is vital that educators be given time to teach, particularly during a chaotic time such as this.