Reminder: DoDEA Info on Reasonable Accommodations, Virtual Schools

posted July 21, 2020

A reminder to members that DoDEA has released information on how to request Reasonable Accommodations if you believe you are at risk due to COVID-19 and also that the deadline for DoDEA educators to express their interest in being assigned to DoDEA Virtual Schools is July 28.

This information from DoDEA was put out to the field with no bargaining and FEA is still in the process of negotiating with management over these issues. Although we do not agree with all the language and provisions on management's forms and/or the eligibility language for either the Reasonable Accommodations or the Virtual Schools, we do not want educators to miss their opportunity to apply. We therefore encourage any member interested in either program to submit their paperwork quickly and to be especially mindful of the July 28 deadline for the Virtual Schools. Any member who believes they are at risk due to COVID and believes they qualify for a Reasonable Accommodation is strongly encouraged to request one.

The links to the information put out last week by DoDEA are below.

DoDEA's Form to Request Reasonable Accommodation due to COVID-19

DoDEA's Memo to Employees on Reasonable Accommodation Requests

DoDEA's Information on Expressing Interest in Being Assigned to DoDEA Virtual Schools (DVS) for SY 20-21 -- Interest forms must be submitted by July 28: