DoDEA Drops Yet Again In Annual "Best Places To Work" Survey

posted December 17, 2019

Results of the 2019 "Best Places to Work In The Federal Government" survey are out and, once again, DoDEA has sunk further in the listing.

The Agency's 2019 ranking was #366 out of 420 workplaces across the entire government. That puts DoDEA in the bottom 13 percent of agencies.

Last year, DoDEA was ranked 357 out of 415 workplaces.

DoDEA was ranked in the bottom quartile on nearly every workplace category, a far cry from the days over a decade ago when the agency was routinely ranked in the top half or top quartile of workplaces.

Given the high level of dissatisfaction in Stateside schools over the Agency's illegal contract implementation and imposing of 24 unpaid additional hours of worktime, as well as its efforts to illegally strip due process, grievance and other rights from its Overseas workers' contract, it is likely DoDEA will sink even further toward the bottom of the "Best Places To Work" list in the years ahead.

The need for change in how employees are treated and how our schools are run is obvious. DoDEA claims to be "data driven" but continues to ignore negative data such as this survey's results.

View the full results of the Best Places To Work survey here.