FEA Members Overwhelmingly Say DODEA Is Heading in The Wrong Direction

FEA recently polled members on three questions regarding working conditions. The results do not paint a rosy picture for DoDEA.

Work Outside the Duty Day

Respondents reported spending an average of 17 hours PER WEEK outside the normal duty day performing their regular job duties. (1,629 responses total)

Management Assignments Distracting From Real Work

Respondents estimated that 19 PERCENT OF THEIR TIME in an average week is spent on management-directed assignments/tasks (including meetings) that, in their opinion, prevented them from performing their primary job duties. (1,619 responses)

The Wrong Direction

Not surprisingly, based upon the above two answers, when asked "DO YOU THINK DODEA, AS A WHOLE, IS HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION?" a whopping 82% (1,300 out of 1,593 respondents) answered "NO". Only 293 (18%) answered, "Yes".

Meanwhile, DoDEA continues to move forward with its efforts to impose harmful new contracts on workers: Contracts that threaten to take more time away from educators for teaching/working with students, so management can require more time to be spent in "trainings" and other assignments. (go to and sign our petition opposing this effort by management!)

Is it any wonder DoDEA is ranked in the bottom five percent of places to work among federal agencies?

One can almost imagine the response from management to such critical feedback: "But, we've got these shiny new 21st Century schools!"

Two other questions were included in the online poll. Results are below. Total responses were 1,631

DoDEA Americas - 607 (37%)
DoDEA Pacific - 519 (32%)
DoDEA Europe - 505 (31%)

Classroom teacher - 1291 (79%)
Paraprofessional - 29 (2%)
Counselor - 42 (3%)
Other - 269 (16%) - in future surveys we'll offer more options

"Thank You" to all who responded to the poll!