VSIP/VERA, Excess Information 2013

VSIP/VERA Program Closed

posted June 3, 2013

DoDEA Headquarters has finally declared an end to the VSIP and VERA programs. All those who applied for VSIP should by now have received notice from DoDEA, informing them whether they received an offer of VSIP. Any employee who had been waiting to turn in retirement paperwork in hopes of receiving a VSIP offer should go ahead and turn in that paperwork now, as no more VSIP offers will be forthcoming.

From the May 21 FEA President's Report

EXCESS PLACEMENTS. The Excess Placement Program continues to wind down. All Excessed educators have now been placed and we are awaiting final word from DoDEA Headquarters on when the VSIP/VERA program will officially be closed, so that those of you waiting to turn in retirement paperwork can do so. We will alert you as soon as Headquarters ends VSIP/VERA consideration.

EXCESS RECONSIDERATION. If you are an FEA member and checked one of the reconsideration options on your reassignment letter, please let us know by emailing us so we can confirm your request is reviewed. Unfortunately, reconsideration will be especially difficult this year for educators who were placed in vacancies created by VERA/VSIP offers. The Excess Placement Program rules state that "No reconsideration will be given to excess employees who received placement based on a VERA/VSIP approval, unless that vacancy can be utilized by another unplaced excessed employee". Approved applicants will receive reconsideration until June 1.

From the May 13 FEA President's Report

EXCESS PLACEMENTS. The seemingly never-ending DoDDS Excess Placement Program is finally winding down. As of Friday afternoon, only one excessed educator was still without a placement and will hopefully be placed very soon. Six others had been matched to positions currently held by a VSIP or VERA applicant and we are awaiting word from those applicants on whether they will accept their VSIP or VERA offer so that those matches can be finalized. Approximately 60 non-excessed educators thus far have declined their offers of VSIP or VERA.
This placement program has been unnecessarily long and frustrating for educators and the responsibility for that lies squarely on DoDEA's shoulders. Had management adopted more of FEA's ideas for running this program, it would have been concluded long ago and with much less confusion. It would be a gross understatement to say DoDEA's often illogical attempts to save money have negatively impacted what was already bound to be a difficult and stressful situation for the many excessed educators this year, as well as the many VERA/VSIP applicants who've been awaiting word on their requests and some great NTE educators who had to be displaced. The affected employees deserved much better treatment.

Update on Excess Placement Program

TO: FEA Members
FROM: FEA Washington Office
RE: Excess Placement Program Status
Date: May 3, 2013

Work on the placement of excessed educators continues this week. Over the course of the Excess Placement Program over 30 excess educators have been placed in positions currently held by NTEs. The reassignment notices to these 30 educators are expected to go out today (May 3). At this time, there are approximately 40 remaining excessed educators to be placed. DoDEA expects all placements to be completed by early next week and reconsideration requests from those who qualify will be honored until June 1. FEA members have understandably been expressing their anger and frustration with the amount of time it is taking to complete this placement program. We share your frustrations and have kept DoDEA Headquarters appraised of the negative impact upon morale these delays are having. We will update the membership when the placement program has been completed (hopefully, early next week, as DoDEA predicts) and urge DoDEA to take a liberal approach to reconsideration because of the many examples our members have shared of reassignments causing hardships. Thank you to all members for your continued patience and understanding as this process finally works towards a conclusion.

From the April 25 FEA President's Report

EXCESS PLACEMENTS - FEA is aware that a number of excessed employees have received placements that were not what they had listed. We do understand that the agreement does allow for district placement, even if you wished not to be placed in the district, if a slot was found (after those who wished district placement were placed). FEA argued strongly against this plan. It was FEA's position that management follow the rules of the Transfer Program to accommodate members, not only because it has been shown to be the most fair placement process, but that it is done with the most transparency and is less subject to errors. That proposal was rejected. DoDEA Headquarters original proposal was placing teachers with NO consideration to their expertise or circumstances. While we got some relief in that area, it has not been sufficient. FEA will continue to monitor the program we have. This program has been difficult to monitor and not always address the needs of teachers. DoDEA has even prolonged negotiations, meeting their own timelines and rejected any FEA proposals which would have sped up the process. Frankly, our teachers deserve better from an Agency that prides itself on metrics, but has not shown accountability at the highest levels.

There are still district placements that have yet to be sent out. These are the placements of applicants that were matched to NTE slots. DoDDS is holding these placements until the NTEs can be notified that they are being displaced.

THINKING OF RETIRING? -- If you are thinking of retiring this school year but you put in an application for VERA or VSIP, you should not submit your retirement paperwork until after DoDEA announces that no more VERA/VSIP offers will be made. Submitting your retirement paperwork now would make your current position into a true vacancy and make you ineligible for VERA/VSIP.

Update on Excess Placement Program

Posted April 24, 2013

To: FEA Members Worldwide
From: FEA Washington Office
Re: Excess Placement Program Update
Date: April 24, 2013

The Excess Placement Program continues. Unlike past years when all placement notifications have been sent out at once, placement notifications this year are being sent in stages. There are a number of district placements that have not yet been sent out. There are two reasons for this delay, which is understandably causing stress and confusion. First, in cases where excessed applicants are matched against a potential VERA/VSIP applicant, the VERA/VSIP applicant is given two days to decide to accept or decline the VERA/VSIP offer. If a VERA/VSIP applicant declines (there have been approximately 30 declined so far) then the next vacancy match for that excessed applicant must be identified. If it is another VERA/VSIP match, the process is repeated. Clearly this process adds considerable time to the program.

The second reason for the delay is that DoDEA Headquarters will notify the NTEs who are being displaced prior to notifying the teachers who have been placed into those NTE positions. We expect DoDEA to issue these NTE notifications in the very near future.

In keeping with the Excess Placement Program procedures, the district placement consideration was first done for those applicants desiring to remain in their current district. True vacancies, VERA/VSIP positions and NTE positions were used for these placements. Following the consideration of these educators, applicants who did not desire to remain in their current district were considered for district placement using true vacancies and VERA/VSIP positions.

If you have any questions, please contact Connie Shanaghan at Please include your current school and SCD. Per an agreement with DoDDS, FEA cannot release any specific information about Individual placements until the Excess Placement Program has ended and all of the reassignment letters have been sent.

VSIP/VERA Notices To Go Out by April 14

April 5, 2013

Notices of VSIP/VERA approval for DoDDS excessed educators are to be sent out by DoDEA no later than the evening of Sunday, April 14. If you receive a notification of approval for VSIP or VERA, you will have two business days to accept it or decline.

Educators who are not excessed and applied for VERA/VSIP will receive a VERA/VSIP offer only if their current position can be used to directly place an excessed educator. These VERA/VSIP placements will be based on the excess educator's location and category preferences. VERA/VSIP vacancies that are needed for excess placements will not be identified until the excess placement program, tentatively scheduled April 11 through April 25.

DoDEA Releases Fact Sheet for Placement of Excess DoDDS Teachers to DDESS

Thinking about listing DDESS schools among your location preferences? DoDEA has released a fact sheet on DDESS schools to answer common questions on issues such as pay and benefits for those who move from DoDDS to DDESS. View the fact sheet here.

Deadline Extended for Excess Placement Applications

The following information was posted by FEA on March 21, 2013

EXCESSING TIMELINE EXTENDED. DoDEA has just announced that in order to ensure that all permanent DoDDS educators who have been declared excess have an opportunity to submit their online application for placement consideration in the Excess Placement Program Module, we are extending the application deadline until 5 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) Friday, March 29, 2013. Apply now at the following link.

EXCESSED EDUCATORS WHO HAVE APPLIED FOR VERA/VSIP. The approval of VERA/VSIP applicants for excess educators will begin the week of April 1, 2013. Educators approved for VERA/VSIP will be given two business days to either accept or decline the VERA/VSIP offer. No extension will be granted to the response time.

PLACEMENT OF EXCESSED EDUCATORS will begin on April 11 and will follow the negotiated "Placement of Excessed Employees" program. No offers will be made prior to April 15. No offers will be made to an employee during his/her spring break. Educators approved for VERA/VSIP during the excessed placement process will be given two business days to either accept or decline the VERA/VSIP offer. No extension will be granted to the response time.

If you have any questions concerning the application process, please send an e-mail to this address

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about your application to the Excess Placement Program? Check for the answer here.

Note:This document has not been updated to reflect the new March 29 application deadline.

Tips for Excess Placement Application Now Available

FEA has posted its tips to help members complete their application to the Excess Placement Program Module. Be sure to read these tips before the March 29 deadline for completing your application.

The Tips document also includes information for FEA members about our verification services for both the VSIP/VERA program and the Excess Placement Program.

Note: This document has not been updated to reflect the new March 29 application deadline.

March 29 Deadline for Excess Educators to Enter Application Info for Excess Placement Program

DoDEA Headquarters issued the following memo and information on Tuesday, March 12, 2013: (Note: this memo has been updated to reflect the new application deadline of March 29, 2013)

Dear Educators,

Permanent DoDDS educators that have been declared excess must submit an online application for placement consideration in the Excess Placement Program Module. Educators will be placed according to the procedures listed in the attached document "Placement of Excessed Employees and VERA/VSIP Approval".

Excess educators can access the Excess Placement Program Module at this time by clicking on the link below. Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on Friday, March 29, 2013. Application changes may be made any time before the March 29, 2013 application deadline. After the closing date of the application, no changes will be permitted.

To assist you in completing your application, we have attached a listing of schools by district and a list of teaching categories. If you have any questions concerning the application process, please send an e-mail to the following address:

Apply now at the following link:
Excess Placement Program Module

DoDEA Human Resources Directorate

Please note: the deadline to apply for VSIP/VERA was March 11, 2013


Posted February 25, 2013

After weeks of negotiations, utilizing hundreds of emails from members and working within rules of the VSIP authority from the Pentagon, details of the program that will be used to place the large number of excessed employees in DoDEA this year have been released by management and posted on the FEA Website.

You can find complete details of the Excess program, including a flow chart prepared by FEA to help explain the procedure and copies of the DoDEA information on how/where to apply, by district, below.

Here are a few of the highlights. This is merely a short synopsis, and educators are encouraged to read the full document.
  • Any excessed employee in a school, who meets the VSIP program requirements, and wishes to have a VSIP, will receive one.

  • Non-excessed employees will receive a VSIP if what they are currently teaching matches an excessed employee who needs to be placed.

  • Educators will be allowed to list their teaching and geographic preferences in each phase of the program.

  • Educators will be considered for placement in their district first. Those who want district placement will be considered first (based on their SCD). Those who would prefer not to remain in the district will still be considered for district placement, but after those who prefer to stay (in the District).

  • Those not placed in the District, will be considered for positions in the Area. (If you wish to go worldwide at this time, you will be considered for Area placement after those who express an interest to remain in the Area.)

  • Excessed educators in Cuba will be considered for vacancies in the Isles District first, before being considered for Area (Europe) placement.

  • Those not placed in the Area, will be considered for worldwide placement. At this point, educators may list DDESS locations, but are not required to do so.

  • Those educators who preferred to stay in their area but were placed worldwide, or those who were in the worldwide program and did not receive their preference, may request reconsideration for vacancies in their Area.

  • Married couples (including same-sex couples) who are both declared excess will receive joint consideration when the spouse with the oldest SCD comes up.

Details on VSIP/VERA and Excess Placement

Please note:Not all documents below have been updated to reflect the new March 29, 2013, application deadline for the excess placement program.