Additional Answers for SY 18-19 Transfer Program

Q - How many location preferences may an excessed teacher include on his/her application?
There is no limit to the number of location preferences an excessed educator may include.

Q - How can I confirm that my administrator has approved my transfer application?

1. Log into the online transfer application at the bottom of this page
2. Click "Check Current Request Status"
3. If there is a check next to "Waiting to be reviewed by principal", the principal has approved/verified (see below).

Q -- I am an excessed educator. If I am placed outside of my current district, may I apply for reconsideration?
Yes, the transfer reassignment letters, sent out after the end of the transfer round, will include a section to request reconsideration for excessed educators. These educators can request reconsideration to remain in their current district if a position opens after the transfer program. This reconsideration will continue until March 31, 2018. If no other position is found, the original transfer will stand.

Q - What can I do to ensure my application is considered during the transfer round?
You should first confirm that your application has been saved in the database. Prior to the December 15 deadline, you should log back into the transfer database, confirm that your application is included and check that the information is correct. Be sure to print a copy for your files. Members can email a copy of their FINAL transfer application to Connie Shanaghan at this email prior to January 9. Connie will verify that it is included in the transfer round that is schedule to begin on January 11.

Q -- When and where can I find the list of vacancies that have reported for use in the transfer program?
DoDDS Headquarters will post the list of vacancies on their website no later than 5:00 pm EST on December 15th. The link to the vacancy list will be posted on the FEA website. Teachers will then have until January 9th to amend their applications.

Q --To whom should I report any vacancies at my school that are not included on the vacancy list?
Talk to your FRS. FRS's have been asked to confirm the vacancies that should be submitted to the transfer program and report any discrepancies to Connie at this email. Remember that only full-time vacancies are used in the transfer program.