FEA Joins In Lawsuit Over Executive Orders

posted June 13, 2018

FEA has joined 12 other federal sector unions in filing a lawsuit seeking to stop implementation of a trio of anti-employee Executive Orders issued last month by President Trump.

The lawsuit was filed June 13 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in reaction to three Executive Orders put out May 25.

Those Executive Orders seek to limit the use of Official Time by employee-elected union officials to represent their bargaining unit members in grievances and other matters; to compel and restrict the renegotiation of contracts between federal employees' unions and the federal government; and to alter existing due-process and merit-systems laws to make it easier for management to fire employees it deems to be "bad performers" or to reward those employees favored by management.

In the lawsuit, named plaintiffs, including FEA, assert that President Trump does not have the Constitutional authority to issue such Executive Orders because existing laws cover the topics in question.

The lawsuit seeks to halt implementation of the Executive Orders and have the Executive Orders declared null and void.

FEA will update its members on the progress of the lawsuit as it moves through the legal system.