VERA/VSIP - Check Your SF 50


posted January 12, 2019

Voluntary Early Retirement Authority and Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay

VERA and VSIP are being offered to school level employees in DDESS/Stateside and Guam. Anyone interested in applying for VERA VSIP should do so. Applying for VERA VSIP does not guarantee it will be offered.

Very Important

Bargaining unit members should print their most recent standard form 50. You need to review it closely. Please check to make sure the following information on your SF 50 is accurate.

  • Box 15 -- Position title and number - It should reflect your current assignment
  • Box 23 - Veteran's Preference
  • Box 24 -- Tenure
  • Box 26 -- Veteran's Preference for RIF
  • Box 31- Service Comp Date

If any of these items are incorrect please contact your HR POC. You may also contact your local president if you need assistance.

Since Service Comp Date (SCD) will be used as the agency offers VERA VSIP it is very important that this information is correct. If a reduction in force is needed and employees need to be placed, RIF procedures in the DDESS/FEA SR Master Labor agreement will be followed.