Stateside Members: Be Sure To Log Unpaid Hours

posted June 19, 2019

A reminder to FEA-Stateside members, now that school is out: Be sure to fill out the tracking sheet available at to record ALL the hours this past quarter you were required by management to stay beyond the legal 7.5 hour day.

Send completed tracking sheets to and keep organized records in a safe place where you'll be able to find them when necessary.

Please be sure to double check all the time you have logged for this past quarter now, while the information is still fresh in your memory, to be sure you have a fully-accurate record of the time you were illegally required to work.

FEA-SR has an arbitration scheduled for this September (an earlier date was not available) over management's illegal and unilateral contract implementation this past school year, including the additional 24 hours added per academic quarter.

Should we ultimately win what is likely to be a protracted legal battle of this issue, your keeping accurate track of extra duty hours required by management will help to ensure you are fully compensated for the time DoDEA is illegally making you work.

Again, that tracking sheet is available at