November 2012 FEA Stateside Update


AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK: This week is it! November 11-17 is American Education Week, with Wednesday, November 14 being Education Support Professional Day. I salute all of you who tirelessly support our students to be the best they can be, day after day. Take time this week to also recognize and thank your colleagues who are there with you as we face our daily challenges and celebrate successes.

ESP Victory: We are awaiting the final work for the upgrade of our registrars in the Kentucky district. Our clerical staff has assumed more duties, so as a result of the recent request for a desk audit, they have been promised to be upgraded to GS 5 status.

Early Retirement: If you are retiring early and are on spread pay, please check your salary spreadsheet to determine whether you may be indebted to the government due to retiring prior to the end of the school year. Because you get paid for a new school year before you actually start your work year, you may end up owing money back to the government.

Creative Curriculum: According to information I have received from DODEA HQ, the packages with the AppleIPod Touch 4th Generation will be shipped to each individual school. "The portability of the device should allow teachers easy access to recording verbal observational notes as well as taking and uploading photos and video clips to the student's electronic portfolio housed within TS GOLD. Teaching Strategies has plans to release an app for GOLD in November."

ASPEN SPED: We will soon begin discussions for a full implementation MOU. If you are an ASPEN SPED user, please let your local president know, in writing, of any concerns you have with the program as we move into full implementation so that we can make sure to mitigate any adverse impact. We need to hear your voice!

Contract Negotiations and Grievance Mediation: We will once again convene at Peachtree City December 3 -- 11 to continue the contract negotiations for the certified educators. Following the negotiations, on December 12th and 13th, we will stay in Peachtree City to continue work on the mediation of grievances.

FEA BOD Meeting: The week of 17 -- 21 is the FEA BOD meeting in Washington, DC. During this week we come together to discuss and address concerns of educators and support professionals throughout DODEA. We also have the opportunity to meet with the DODEA Director and staff for discussions. Please let your local president know if you have topics for the agenda that week so they can pass them on to me.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Take the time to appreciate and enjoy your family and friends during this special time.

Terry Arvidson
FEA Director for DDESS